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On the other side

(Beware of metaphor and symbolism, prepare to expand the imagination (and open mindedness))

For quite sometimes I have always paranoid about things. Questions that randomly linger in my mind. What do peoples around me think about me. Am I too arrogant? Am I too insensitive? Am I too sensitive? Am I too manipulative? Am I too romantic? Am I too… (anything possible)? I always hate excessive quality. I always want to be moderate in anything. So I always asking myself what’s on the other side? What’s in their mind?

I am critical (at least in my own mind) of what I see especially of annoying behavior. But I will try to avoid by all cost complaining about them in voice. Although sometime utterly unavoidable. In the same time I hate earnestly those who never except what in their sight and always complaining. As if nothing in this world is made fine. However, when I am happy and feel secure in my surrounding, I tend to be critical and complaining about things around me and even things that beyond my reach.

Ironic isn’t it? When I feel secure I bound to act as if I am the perfect one and start thinking with my stupid “unconscious” mind. Among many hours of my 24 hours days these moments are moments that I would like to be kept afar at all time. During these time I am at most vulnerable of my stupidity and arrogant. Sure someday people may attack me. Honestly I admit my least favorable thing to do is to be humble. Which is also again my greatest weakness.

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What keep a blogger blog?

Hi my dear bloggers. I always have this negative notion that when I write something on my blog it’ll be only me alone who read it. Then what keep me blogging?

I reckon there are always 2 types of bloggers, those who just trying to write less seriously but ended up being a full fledged brilliant popular and loved bloggers and the other side are those who really want desperately to blog but ended leaving the blog “postless” for months and years.

I will tell my short experience as a relatively “new” blogger. I always tell people that I tried dozens of time blogging but failed. This blog alvinalexander.wordpress.com is the only blog that worked since I tried around as early as 3 or 4 years ago. I even tried host my own blog. But still the motivation was so weak that I always tempted to abandon my blog.

What’s so special about this “Days Without Miracle“? First the address is my Full Name. I don’t know… maybe this blog was like the 7th blog attemps I ever made. So…in other words I am the later among the 2 types of bloggers. For those who made it on the first attempt, it is indeed so lucky.

Blogging is not a solitary business. It is a social activity. As social as going to the party and what not. Even blog itself is called social software. From the idea of socialization I was inspired to write. But someone who in the real life is so anti-social how can ever be social in the internet. I started to assume I can sail (blog) alone in the vast ocean of internet. Guess what? Lonesome kills person. My blogs plunged into the unfathomable depth and I almost to the point of despair. But despair not I am. The new ship was at hand. I was at large again. How?

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Does Pain Make us Stronger?

This was the question I asked myself about more than a month ago. During that time I don’t really feel like living. This the posting on that day – The Question is “Does Pain Make Us Stronger?”. To my amazement I found out people always search for this question in Google. Almost everyday people around the world start “asking” Google this question. So this miscellaneous posting unexpectedly on top of Google search.


This question was not only on my mind alone but lots of people are turning their attention to the internet to search for this fundamental question.

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