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Dedicated to Fezlyn – A Vector Art

This is my next vector victim. I know her during my Industrial Training in NREB. Let the illustration tell the story.

Basically she was among the first person I got to know during that Industrial Training. I miss that days so much.
If you (Fezlyn) see this I hope you like it. I am improving my skill. See the complete version below…

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Dedicated to Christina Leysia – A Vector Art

I slept the whole day yesterday. By whole day means from 6 a.m till its dark again. So during the night I couldn’t sleep a wink. I wanted to watch any movie but all of them already been watched. So I decided to watch something I already watched long time ago. Windstruck a Korean movie about a women police officer. It was quite a touching story. Such a beautiful love story that managed to squeeze a considerable amount of tears out of me. I couldn’t hold it, really.

Then the night was still young but my eyes just won’t sleep. So I started to open Adobe Illustrator, maneuvering my mouse such that drawing something invisible. My head just empty. I began with going through my vast amount of photo collection to look for any possible art that can be extracted.

So I stumble upon a photo of one fine person…

I decided to work on it…


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My First Vector Art

These 4 Vector art are among the first vector art I ever produce. I used Adobe Illustrator.

ThoseĀ  are Lizzy, Yuni, Amanda, and Roni. Which Of the is the Best?

Weird some of the Png image gone weird when uploaded to Flick. Eg. the third one.

These are the product of the extreme boringness…

You want your picture to be Vectorise?

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