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Day 2

Suddenly it’s day 2…

It’s actually the second day of my research. I arbitrarily marked the beginning yesterday. As the initiator I sign up for CiteULike. A reference management service. For the first 24 hours it help me much because I can see properly what interesting and important. However the reading have not started yet. Maybe during this few days of holiday, I may read them. They are lots of them. I can’t imagine reading them.

As for today I have been given a task by my mentor. He asked me to do some correction on the Grant Application to FRGS. Lots of mistakes. Lots of work. It’s okay, I have nothing to do by the way. One of them was to find a computer specification priced about RM10 000. Yeah my dream. It is a dream computer.

Now I am stuck again in the lab. Alone of course. Because it’s raining again today. As it is everyday. I don’t know when will I be able to submit the application for “pembantu felo” at any “kolej”. My only means of mobility is my own two feet. Damn it. I am getting tired of walking moreover in the rain. Hate it but in the same time I like it.


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