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(Inspired from a true experience)

My steps was not ordinary. They were slow and gentle moving forward. My delicate vision watching every little detail of change in the air. I wasn’t focus but more on dreaming on and on. Thinking that those little changes were significant in my life.

I might forget the date of that day. I might forget what were on my mind. But for one thing I am so sure, the moment I saw this fair soft peaceful little face, I suddenly wished I could stop the time. An astounding splendor that I wish I could own just for a mere second. It was a dream I thought, a dream indeed. How could world be such a place for such an angel?

I spoke of words that I couldn’t think clearly. My eyes just can’t believe what I saw. My body was stiff. I was totally glad that I asked the most important question of all. The only question that needed to be stayed in touch until this day. I was glad in dumbness.

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Stop Existing and Start Living

What does it mean actually?

Should I do it?

I’m not sure of it…

It’s been a while… I miss it much… that moment that have come to past…

I am a living ghost


I am a living ghost.
Wander aimlessly
People can see me
But it’s just blurry
How would I know?
How would I guess?
What is the best
I can live at rest

My faith to the test
Stripped in the sea of man
Snatch my sanity away
Lying helpless homeless endless
I come like the rain
I leave like the wind
Terribly afflicted distress and disturbed.

September 13, 2007

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