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Harry Potter – Finish

At last there is no more Harry Potter to read. It kinda sad that the story end. I felt a bit empty for a while this few days after finishing The Deathly Hallows. This is the first time in my life that I really absorb and feel a novel. I almost completely understand and imagine the story and the situation the setting and everything portrayed in the novel. I even can retell the story to others.

The important about this last novel was it explains lots of things throughout the first series until the last one. For example…(contain spoilers)

Professor Snape (The Half Blood Prince)

Who would have guess Prof. Snape was protecting Harry for all his life. He was the genius called Half blood prince that in the early life was in love with Harry’s mother not until he join the Death Eaters. He was also a double agent that extremely loyal to Voldermort but yet never betray Dumbledore. He killed Dumbledore in The Half-Blood Prince by order of Dumbledore himself. He was a good person despite how bad he was portrayed throughout the story.


He was the main story shaper. Even before Harry was born. He was the one with his friend the evil Grindelwald (if I’m not mistaken the spelling) searching the three Deathly Hallow that when collected will made a person invincible. The invisibility cloak was in his possession during baby Harry time. He knew that Harry need to die so that Voldermort die. He knew lots of thing about Voldermort long before. He ask Snape to tell Voldermort the prophesy so that Voldermort know he has weakness. Dumbledore was the only one that trust Snape and the only one that knew who the real Snape was until the moment he died. He never lose a battle because he possess the Elders Wand which was one of the Deathly Hallows.

What was the Happy ending…?

They manage to destroy all the 6 Horcruxes of Voldermort. They were as follows:

  1. The Riddle’s Diary (Harry destroyed using Basilisk Fang in the Chamber of Secret)
  2. The Marvolo’s Gaunt maybe a Ring ( Dumbledore destroyed it using Griffindor Sword, the ring curse him that made his hand turn black.
  3. Locket of Slitherin (Ron destroy it using the Griffindor Sword)
  4. Hufflepuff cup (destroyed by Hermione in the chamber of secret using the Basilisk fang)
  5. Some sort of crown own by Ravenclaw (Destroyed in the cursed Fire inside the room of requirement)
  6. Nagini The Voldermort best friend a snake ( Killed by Neville)

This is all from my understanding and memory at this moment but the real fact and story can be found from the Wiki Horcrux.

Harry of course live and in the end marry Ron’s sister. Ron marry Hermione. And they live happily ever after.( Reminded me of the Shrek.)

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