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Does Pain Make us Stronger?

This was the question I asked myself about more than a month ago. During that time I don’t really feel like living. This the posting on that day – The Question is “Does Pain Make Us Stronger?”. To my amazement I found out people always search for this question in Google. Almost everyday people around the world start “asking” Google this question. So this miscellaneous posting unexpectedly on top of Google search.


This question was not only on my mind alone but lots of people are turning their attention to the internet to search for this fundamental question.

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Happy Student

There are some reasons that I really love being a student. One of them is, I own my own freedom. I have almost unlimited liberty to choose what I wanted to do every morning I open my eyes. No string attach. No commitments and nothing can stop me from doing what I like and what not. As far as I still get hold of myself, I won’t do something beyond the border of sanity. I have choice to be good or to be bad. Of course I go for the white side of the “Force”. As long as I lead for the right “path” I will find the “Master”.(I don’t want to be a dark Sith)

Besides trying to eat different food every meal, I always make sure that my days are not routine and repetitious. I have this strong desire to make a slight or dramatic change everyday. For instance I never sleep or had my meal at the same time everyday. I just don’t dare to tarnish my colorful day with some plain mundane activities. Its my liberty, my least power to control my own time. By the way, time is relative. I can’t remember when was my last two consecutive days with a similar activities in it. (Anybody know any possible medical consequences?)
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The Question is “Does Pain Make Us Stronger?”

Few weeks ago or maybe last month I was so depressed. The forth Stage of Grief which consist of DABDA (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance). So I sit at the couch alone thinking about weird stuff. To make things worse I was I guess having food poisoning causing a bad fever. I just stayed at home with just a few pills of Paracetamol.

Suddenly I thought of this crazy ‘question’ to myself but I can’t figure out any good answer. So I started to SMS this ‘question’ to a few friends which I expect to reply.

The Question is “Does Pain Make Us Stronger?” Then What I’ve got were…:

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