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Photos for My Kolej Friends (The mini Reunions)

Please download the zip file linked below…there are 8 batches of file to be downloaded.

Dedicated to my beloved Kolej Friends

  1. Batch 1
  2. Batch 2
  3. Batch 3
  4. Batch 4
  5. Batch 5
  6. Batch 6
  7. Batch 7
  8. Batch 8

(To Download Click the link, the link will go to a download page of FreeDrive.com, then click on the Download link on the upper of the page…Thanks)

G’Day Mate. Enjoy!!

Any Request Please contact me!

The Day has come…! Picnic day! Yay!

The Picnic members are as follows :

  1. Me
  2. Jami
  3. Ayu
  4. Ambas
  5. Val
  6. Mimi
  7. Aron
  8. Lizzy
  9. Jeremy (Val’s Little brother)

It was a nice weather. Just great for BBQ with good windy beaches and shades of trees. I’ve reached the earliest at 9.10am followed by Jami. Then Aron and Mimi came. Few moments later Ayu arrived. But a bit long later Val and her bro. and Ambas and his Lizzy.

Nothing for a story! Later they girls just went out to buy gift because Lizzy forgot to but hers. And we, the guys left behind struggling striving toiling to start up the BBQ fire. The just started not after we covered the strong sea breeze using Mimi’s umbrella. It was damn tiring to make the charcoal burning ready for the chicken wings and the sausages. But at last the results were magnificent.

We finished the food and proceed to the next event the most important, Gift Exchanging. And not long after that everybody start going home. It was too short and not enough. Not enough laugh, not enough time, not enough frolics.

More than that let the photos do the talking.



Apa pendapat anda?



Nice smile…



Lonely Guitarist



Gendang gendut tali kecapi kenyang perut senang hati



Ada rahsia mok padah ko… stok sikit



Apa tengok2 ada utang ka?!



Apa akan jadi dengan masa depan ku ini?…(monolog dalaman)

Above : My Gift to Ayuni


Above : Mimi’s to me


Above : Aron’s to Lizzy


Above : Val’s to Mimi


Above : Ambas’ to Aron


Above : Ayu’s to Jami


Above : Lizzy’s to her Ambas


Above : Wah mesranya! And lastly Jami’s to Val


Above : Group Photo 1


Above : Group photo 2 … Alvin, Jami, Ambas, Yuni, Mimi, Lizzy, Aron, Val



Gadis2 gedik


Kawaii ne!


Bond Girls


Above : Cuteys of today Leaders for tomorrow


Wanna kiss…Muaah


Sleepy Head

O happy happy day


Mmmmmm…! Lazat…!


Ayam O ayam, O kenapa kau ayam




Kemesraan yang terjalin


Ikatan yang telah terjalin sekian lama



That’s all Folks… Thanks to all for making this picnic come true. Thanks for everything. Friendship and fun we have together. I am so happy!!! Falalala la lala lala la


Latest News (Transportation for the Picnic)

This is the latest news regarding transportation. We need to be on site on 9am. Jami will do some recon at the site to make sure the soil is not too wet or there are flooding on the ground. So the transporters are…

  1. Liz will pick me and Ambas
  2. Yuni will pick nobody
  3. Jami also alone and do the “recon”
  4. Aron will pick Mimi
  5. and lastly Val would need to do some unfinished business tomorrow morning and will be sent by her mom.

Can’t wait… can’t wait. I need to wake up early. I am still awake just to watch a movie in TV3 continuing after Nightline.

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