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This One Week

A week ago…

Nothing seems to work for me. Nothing was fine. Nothing was done.

But later… I got house to live. We rented outside. It is not as comfortable but who cares. As long as I got a place to live. Now at least I got somewhere to go. The next problem is how am I going to move around. I got no transport. Damn it. I need to always follow my friend who also renting with me. I wish I could stand on my own feet just for a second.

For Last week I was quite busy. So many sleepless night. Even when I have place to live but still I stayed at the 24 hours room to do my works. It is utterly inconvenient to do works, reading, typing and so on at the rent house. There are others in the house which we don’t have idea at all. We just got the house because of some rusty connection from our friend. But By the way Thank you very much.

I was just finished my research proposal. I read a lot about QSAR last week. I try to understand the topic overnight. Sleepless but worth because at least I got a rough idea what am I going to do next Semester.

For my cloudy days seems to show sign of the sun shining through. But it is not the time yet to cast the umbrella yet. It might be raining again any soon.

I am right now playing with Fedora 7 which I install couple of weeks ago. Installing some interesting package and changing the themes. It is actually really fun to use Linux. But I cannot install it on my Laptop.

My Wish

Oho… I wish I could have a proper transportation so that I can move around freely without a need to be attached with anybody else. I wish I have a car.

I also wish that I can live happily for another week.

I am Reading

Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince


The Historian

I think that’s all lah.

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