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Precious Things

I just could not close my eyes. I had enough sleep but it was still too early. I couldn’t help but to think about a lot of things. Random things that don’t really matter. I tried all possible way to put my pillow. Ended up thinking about the pillow itself. Even thinking of what the pillow is made of. I just getting more and more active through the night. I haven’t had coffee for a long time. One of the reason I don’t need them to be stay awake during the night. However I always sleep when the sun comes out. That’s what I hate. Then I came out from my room and went to the living room (the hostel actually have a living room) and turn on the TV and watch it till daybreak. I thought of going to the lab early in the morning but then I slept till noon.

During the sleepless night I thought of precious things in our life. Things that we never bother because there are common in our daily. We or I better put it as I (don’t want to drag you in) will realize they actually important only when I deprived from them.

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