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First Step

Christmas is around the corner. I have made my resolution. I determine to regain my faith. Honestly I am on the verge of Atheism. The desire to find Reason more than faith. Because there is no reason to be faithful. Faith is simply faith. Faith like a little children as Jesus said. It is hard to rationalize faith. That’s why God say it is not me who choose him but he choose who choose me. He chose me. Born in Christian family and raise to be a good Christian. And… to be faithful is to love unconditionally, without question. Rational mind cannot accept that because everything need to have reason but that’s how it is. Today I just want to mark the first step.

So what’s the first step all about?
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A New Chapter – Life as a student, Again?

Basically today is the end of the Forth Age of my life. Which is life in University as a Degree Student. It suppose to it end long time ago but the Age due until today because it is hard to leave the comfort of the Age.

The beginning of Age 5 – Again as a University student. Same University same place same faculty and same specialty. The different? No long boring lecture anymore and I can do whatever I want anytime and anywhere I like. But freedom without virtue and control can kill me. As what it did to me during these past years. So I must make resolutions…

In the year to come I must…
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