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A Life Less Ordinary

(Dedicated to my dear senior, brother, mentor Cibol)

Am I low to post using other’s blog name…? Sorry.

I found out that he already have a new domain for his blog, cibolution.com .

2 Days ago he said that the officiation will be on 2222008 or February 22, 2008 which is on his birthday. I am looking forward towards it.

But today I’m not going to write about blog or internet but about a person. This person was once a legend among us.

When I was in Form 1 he was already in his final year. I was a nerd back then as nerdy as I am now. I care less about seniors and others. But this person was our President. YCS President. As a president I personally admired him because simply he was a president. Weird? Nope. Because usually a YCS president shows its quality at its greatest. In “asrama” life The YCS chief and YCS core group always been respected among us, particularly the Catholic students.

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What keep a blogger blog?

Hi my dear bloggers. I always have this negative notion that when I write something on my blog it’ll be only me alone who read it. Then what keep me blogging?

I reckon there are always 2 types of bloggers, those who just trying to write less seriously but ended up being a full fledged brilliant popular and loved bloggers and the other side are those who really want desperately to blog but ended leaving the blog “postless” for months and years.

I will tell my short experience as a relatively “new” blogger. I always tell people that I tried dozens of time blogging but failed. This blog alvinalexander.wordpress.com is the only blog that worked since I tried around as early as 3 or 4 years ago. I even tried host my own blog. But still the motivation was so weak that I always tempted to abandon my blog.

What’s so special about this “Days Without Miracle“? First the address is my Full Name. I don’t know… maybe this blog was like the 7th blog attemps I ever made. So…in other words I am the later among the 2 types of bloggers. For those who made it on the first attempt, it is indeed so lucky.

Blogging is not a solitary business. It is a social activity. As social as going to the party and what not. Even blog itself is called social software. From the idea of socialization I was inspired to write. But someone who in the real life is so anti-social how can ever be social in the internet. I started to assume I can sail (blog) alone in the vast ocean of internet. Guess what? Lonesome kills person. My blogs plunged into the unfathomable depth and I almost to the point of despair. But despair not I am. The new ship was at hand. I was at large again. How?

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I am no threat

Dark was my room, cold was my night. Rhythm of the wailing rain echoes, as the breeze flowing tenderly in the midst. The smell of the fresh green pierced the windows arousing the bleak.

I own none a thing but just words. I dream no more than a dream. I desire less then a ravaging fire. I mean no harm. I just plead for my own hope, for my own peace.

From the farthest star to the smallest being may my knowledge will be, shall be incomparable to the understanding of living persons. Feelings, relations, speeches, actions, and thoughts are just too wide to grasp and to deep to be plunged. The least I hold is the word “sorry”, my last citadel of pride.


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