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Staying Again In this 24 hours reading room…

It’s look like I’m not returning home. I will bear a bit more. It is now 15 to 6 a.m. and I’m not going anywhere. Staying in this comfortable 24 hours reading room. With good internet connection although I cannot access Friendster here.

Video Blogging

Lately I mean really lately a few hours ago I am kinda into video blogging. I watched tons of them just in these few hours. There were just making me forget my problems. I felt a little comfortable to see some other happy people in other parts of the worlds.

Up to now I finished watching Natalie’s vids from the communitychannel. I even subscribe to another two interesting channel TheHill88 and boh3m3. They are You Tubes.

It started when I went here this afternoon to kill time. I just don’t know what to do. I started to open YouTube and then clicking on random videos there. I found this communitychannel. Intersting really. It is a life of a cute asian australian girl. I never thought the video would be so fun. Then later I need to have my dinner and I went to Kolej 9 Cafeteria to buy one. Later in the midnight I asked my friend to drop me again at the library. Again I continue here again till now.

It’s been raining here for quite a bit. And it is cold inside here with the air conditioner turned on. I think I’m gonna turn it off….

I don’t feel sleepy a bit I don’t know why.

Rhythm of the Falling Rain

Just now I went to the washroom at the opposite building. It was raining. I was walking. All the way I can hear some kind of music. It was definitely not a radio or what not. When I listen to them more carefully. I was the sound of the rain itself. When the water flow or fall on different material creating variables sound. Mix them together naturally they become a music. A really beautiful one.

My Prayer

So it will a new day to come. I still don’t know what challenge do I need to face next. I’ll be ready I Jesus name. I hope God will be on my side. Amen

I’m taking a nap…zzzzzzzzz

Me inside the 24 hours room. For time beings I will be staying here. Huhu.


So it is raining outside. So I will not going anywhere because my primary transportation is my own two feet. (Figuratively and literally of course)

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