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Dedicated to Christina Leysia – A Vector Art

I slept the whole day yesterday. By whole day means from 6 a.m till its dark again. So during the night I couldn’t sleep a wink. I wanted to watch any movie but all of them already been watched. So I decided to watch something I already watched long time ago. Windstruck a Korean movie about a women police officer. It was quite a touching story. Such a beautiful love story that managed to squeeze a considerable amount of tears out of me. I couldn’t hold it, really.

Then the night was still young but my eyes just won’t sleep. So I started to open Adobe Illustrator, maneuvering my mouse such that drawing something invisible. My head just empty. I began with going through my vast amount of photo collection to look for any possible art that can be extracted.

So I stumble upon a photo of one fine person…

I decided to work on it…


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