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Season of Light

dewankp1mini.jpgIt’s the Season of Light. New Banner means new season. Why do you think the banner is apparently dark in the Season of Light?(Obviously rhetoric question, and beware of philosophical and imaginary thought beyond this line)


Light is special when it’s dark. Light at the end of the tunnel for instance. How can a person see and “feel” light when everything alight?(Again rhetoric question)

Colorful bulbs only show their beauty in the night. During the day, the house looks better without it.(No one light up them during the day)
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The Art of Explaining

santah.jpgFirst of all, Happy New Year.

It’s really cold here. It’s winter. The truth is it’s raining outside and the central aircond just won’t stop blowing cold air inside the building. My hands shaking as my fingers struggle to type. My breath getting thick and my brain freezes. What should I write? What should I write!?

Explanation! The word explanation suddenly pop up in my mind. So I come out with “The Art of Explaining”.

Explanation is a really crucial detail in our daily life. It happens since we were born. Explanation occur everyday. It comes from the need to know how thing works and indeed the need to know everything in our sight. Either we who offer the explanation or we who listen to it.

I love explaining things to other people. However I have this tendency to confuse the “explanee” much more rather than to make things clear. I love to offer some analogy but sometimes the analogy come out to be harder to understand that the actual thing. Example, to explain how pencil works I start to explain the quantum theory. It’s just an example nothing is as such.
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Age of Wisdom

Coined from the Charles Dicken’s “The Tales of Two Cities” opening paragraph. Inspired me to start a new beginning of my blog. And also marked a new beginning in my life. So I design a new banner. With a new sense of awakening and thoughts.

Those are the books on my shelf that arranged as they were purposely for this banner.

From left : Chemistry Dictionary, Bible in Indonesian, Historian(Novel), Oxford Advance Learner’s, Department of Chemistry Symposium book, My Thesis, Notebook, Journal Book, Another notebook, English Bible.

Books symbolize wisdom and thoughts. Blue symbolizes the peace of mind and the calmness in decision making. Books arranged untidily symbolizes the unconventional thinking and the ability to think beyond ordinary. The overall banner symbolizes the wisdom.

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