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Helping without expecting return

Happiness is a choice. In my case happiness is when I can help people. Even in the smallest things. Recently I found that nothing is free in this world including help. Everybody actually have some price tag for everything that we do. It’s natural that I would do the same but… here’s the catch. I don’t feel the same happiness anymore instead I felt the pressure. I felt some degree of expectation to match the price tag even though it is only just a simple help.

Now I keep on helping people in all kinds of way with all the gifts I have blessed by God. Helping is the only instrument of my life to naturally shun me away from the depth of depression. By helping I manage to forget lots of things about myself because after all I am doing FOR somebody else not FOR myself. I always found it difficult to help myself.

It has always been my lifelong dream to be completely selfless, helping completely strangers, and completely without asking anything in return. Maybe when that time comes I will be completely devoid of any trace of depression. I wish those days would come in the form of volunteering all over the globe.

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