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Helping the Researcher – CiteULike

I don’t know Technorati or Digg or or other social bookmarking service out there but at least I know CiteULike. This online service (as I understand) aimed at researchers to assist them organize their academic papers. Researchers in this case are not limited to Research students or Professors only but also undergraduate students that doing their final year project (sounds like you?).

I have been using this service for quite a while and it helps me so much. If you either researchers or any related work field or just want to play around, you really should try this. This service really helps especially when many others in your interest field also using this service. Because its just like social bookmarking service and emphasize on social collaboration and sharing. However in my case I am almost “lone ranger” because I can’t find any other sharing the same interest with me.

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Day 2

Suddenly it’s day 2…

It’s actually the second day of my research. I arbitrarily marked the beginning yesterday. As the initiator I sign up for CiteULike. A reference management service. For the first 24 hours it help me much because I can see properly what interesting and important. However the reading have not started yet. Maybe during this few days of holiday, I may read them. They are lots of them. I can’t imagine reading them.

As for today I have been given a task by my mentor. He asked me to do some correction on the Grant Application to FRGS. Lots of mistakes. Lots of work. It’s okay, I have nothing to do by the way. One of them was to find a computer specification priced about RM10 000. Yeah my dream. It is a dream computer.

Now I am stuck again in the lab. Alone of course. Because it’s raining again today. As it is everyday. I don’t know when will I be able to submit the application for “pembantu felo” at any “kolej”. My only means of mobility is my own two feet. Damn it. I am getting tired of walking moreover in the rain. Hate it but in the same time I like it.

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