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Dedicated to Friendship of My Lifetime

An appreciation of friendship that I share throughout my lifetime. I hope all my friends will still remember me even after I’m gone. Maybe some pictures of my best friends missing but I always remember you all. UTM, NREB, MRSM Kuching, Kolej TDTHB and all places I have ever been and stayed. Forgive my forgetfulness. I ask for forgiveness for everything I’ve done wrong. I always wish I was a better person. Most of all I love you all…

(Thanks also to Canon Ixus 60, Photoshop CS3, ACDSee 8, Sony Vegas 6, Quicktime Pro, and all friends that helped me for the photos and time-lapse)

If you got questions how I did this video, I would glad to answer as I best as I could….

22 November 2013

[This post might be discussing about future event! in other word this is just fictional]

“It has been 10 years eh…” shook his hand.”So much has change,” he continued with his face looking around in the crowds. She just replied with a mild smile on her face. Silent struck her. Never Imagine that it’s really happening. He showed her her place.

“Look at them, some have already married and some have already have children I guess, at least some are pregnant.” he said with a deep breath. “I am still still here the same as I were 10 years ago” his eyes staring far into hall.

“Don’t say like that” She finally opened her mouth. “You will certainly found someone, just that destiny has its own route for us” She started to be familiar again him after years apart. “Look at you, you are now a successful person. Maybe the most successful among us all.”

He just replied with a smile with a bit of approval of what she said in his heart. Walked to the door he welcomed all comers into the hall. With soft gesture showing them where they should sit. In his eyes glimmered the reminiscence of The Annual Dinner around 10 years ago. Although he was not known back then.

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Left Shut Forever

5 winters have come to past. It would have been snowing if its in the north. Luckily we’re living in the never winter night. Where everyday is a spring of hope, nights are safe and warm.

Indeed time is just a relative term. 5 years might seem eons, a blink of an eye for some. Just enough time to forget, to forgive, and to fight back what we have lost. I have lost nothing neither do I gain something.

The best of friends you might have found, the best of fun you might have done, the rest, you might have gained. Every seconds past outshine the previous. Things just get better and better. Life just keep moving on. Until one point of moment… we forget what happen 5 years ago.

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