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Keep Holding On…?

This morning…a friend of mine asked me to listen to this song…Keep Holding On by Avril… So I’ve been listening to this song countless time up to now and still don’t get what does it mean.

I’ve been reading the lyric on and on…but still I don’t get clearly a thing…only one part that have an explicit meaning. I am too afraid to interpret it as I read and as I understand. Is it any deeper meaning or just simply what the lyric says?

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V stands for…

It’s been quite a fuss about the V day…

Almost all blogs I visited uttered about the V day…

When I read ‘V day’…I chuckle alone because it remind me of something.

teethfang.jpgFew weeks before, I was having this weird cycle of a day. I was almost as if living in American timezone, which is mathematically about 12 hours different from Malaysian hours. In other words, I sleep during daylight and completely wide awake whenever the sun went down. Then out of nowhere a friend of mine gave me a nickname, “V”. It was like a codename V.

Out of nowhere I called him “D” or codename D.

They’re not really out of nowhere…V and D were inspired. Guess what do they stand for?

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For You…

I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You…

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