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Dedicated to Friendship of My Lifetime

An appreciation of friendship that I share throughout my lifetime. I hope all my friends will still remember me even after I’m gone. Maybe some pictures of my best friends missing but I always remember you all. UTM, NREB, MRSM Kuching, Kolej TDTHB and all places I have ever been and stayed. Forgive my forgetfulness. I ask for forgiveness for everything I’ve done wrong. I always wish I was a better person. Most of all I love you all…

(Thanks also to Canon Ixus 60, Photoshop CS3, ACDSee 8, Sony Vegas 6, Quicktime Pro, and all friends that helped me for the photos and time-lapse)

If you got questions how I did this video, I would glad to answer as I best as I could….

Where are you?

Where are you….? Come out…come out where ever you are….It has been a while since we see you. For why have you abandoned us…? For what? We’ve missing you so much. You were always with us playing around once before you suddenly disappear. What have we done wrong for you to leave us without any last memory?The first time we gathered without you, no one dare to speak a word about you. No one ever mention your name. It was a totally awkward time because for years you were always there and suddenly you’re not. You were a kind of person that never reject an invitation. It was impossible for us to forget you. But in silence we all knew nobody able to locate you. You were totally lost from the map.

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Photos for My Kolej Friends (The mini Reunions)

Please download the zip file linked below…there are 8 batches of file to be downloaded.

Dedicated to my beloved Kolej Friends

  1. Batch 1
  2. Batch 2
  3. Batch 3
  4. Batch 4
  5. Batch 5
  6. Batch 6
  7. Batch 7
  8. Batch 8

(To Download Click the link, the link will go to a download page of, then click on the Download link on the upper of the page…Thanks)

G’Day Mate. Enjoy!!

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