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It’s Spring Here…Welcome



Few days ago I saw this ‘stand out of crowd’ tree. It was the only tree around that full of flowers…and it’s pink! So I decide to take a few picture of the tree for my photoblog. Both photos that I posted here are a bit washed-out because I took the picture in hard mid day sunlight just now on my way back from cafeteria for lunch. So I gave a slight Photoshop touch to make them look better.



For more pictures please visit my Photoblog “Light Rhetoric” and I am glad to have you comment on my photo and photography.


SimCity Societies – First Look

I played the game. It was already the third day. I was exited to have it installed on my laptop. Surprisingly I played it flawlessly on my laptop which it claimed to not support the graphic, Intel GMA. At least not until the city gets bigger and bigger. BTW,I played it at the lowest graphic available.

The first impression proved to be disappointing. It supposed to be better than SimCity 4 but obviously it was completely a different game. I can’t help saying that this game was made not based from the predecessor. The initial montage video was impressive though but the unending flaw begins when the main menu appear. It looked childish per se. A downgraded version of previous SimCity. The main menu control was simple though, easy to navigate because not much to click.

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Most Anticipated Game – Sim City Society

logo_sm.pngI always loved Sim City. Recently EA gave birth to its new successor which is I guess it’s a brilliant one. Sim City Society. I have not tried the game but I will surely try it later. I have watch quite a few previews from its official website and I definitely love them.

What I love about Sim City was the feeling of having almost ultimate power to control the whole city. But with limited amount of resources of course. The new game is even better with a lot of new control such as to build specific building which was not available in Sim City 4. This is particularly cool because we can shape how we want our city looks like. Unlike its predecessor that allow us just to choose type of land instead of what specific building to build.
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