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Basic communication


Many ways to communicate in this modern age of social network.

It is the nessessity to communicate between peoples. We have created too many ways and end up confused by our own wit. I will share some of the useful android app that I use to communicate with my little circle of friends. Some that I found good and some not.

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For Your Information!!! Importanto!!!

On this insignificant June 17, 2008 I declare myself to transfer from Days Without Miracle to Alvin’s Easel at

Whether I will stop writing here, I am still unsure but there will be much more activity on the new site. It is still at baby steps. I am starting anew. As if I am a new blogger. It’s like breathing fresh air during a bright beautiful morning.

Go there and drop comments. I will list you to my blogroll….  🙂

I am touched…

After so longTo Live is to Die, to To Laugh is to Cry, To Love is to Love with all our Heart

I am really touched by the fact that there are still some people visit my blog even though I didn’t update it. Thanks guys.

I am in the process of gathering all my soul and spirit to return to blog world. I indeed have my own hosting and domain name. But for some reason the new blog is still having unknown problems.

So for time being I will continue here just for a little while and then leave to another blog for good. Or another option is to update both of them.

I really felt a bit awkward after idling for so long. I can hardly write a sentence. It’s like being asleep for a long time and all my body seems to ache. However I won’t give up. I would revive the old spirit for sure.

Again I asked for your support. Thanks and sorry for everything…

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