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Time is relative – Blogtime vs earthtime

Do you know that when a subject move faster that the other, that particular subject’s time will be relatively slow in the view of the other. In other words, when you move fast and I stay still, your 1 hour will be longer than my 1 hour in comparison with my time. That is relativity. Hence the space travel paradox (the space traveler will get older slower than the people on earth).

However, it’s not about space and time that I want to write. It’s about living in both blog world and (so-called) real world in the same time. Like what we are doing right now.

I’ve been experiencing this for already a few weeks. Read carefully or else it’s really hard to understand.

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Selamat Hari Kekasih!!! and what not

For these few days, I haven’t quite replying each comments posted on my blog…I am really sorry…I just happy to read the comments. However, I tried my best to comment on your blogs as replies.

Today is particularly Valentine Day or in other name lovers day or just Love day. A day in my view being celebrated in quite parts of the world to remember there is still love in peoples although there are already too much hatred and animosity going on. Some people opt to curse this day some people opt to embrace it. How annoying to know that some people just “love” to deny a reason to be happy instead they rather choose hatred over love.

A remembrance of love, a memoir of affection, a celebration of a legendary friendship that still in peoples mind ’till today. I am not so much celebrating today though because mostly it is the day aimed for lovers. Doesn’t mean I need to curse it though. It is just another reason to be happy.

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My blog theme and layout gone haywire…I done nothing editing or altering the layout. I suspect this problem occur maybe after change to new version. Damn it. I don’t know what to do. I am totally lost.

The sidebar stupidly appear below the posts. I never editted the CSS. What have I done? What? I lost my feeling to write. I lost my passion because of this stupid setback.

To make things worse, I purged all my Firefox settings on my laptop. I lost all the bookmarks I’ve been collection for the past year. I am so lost right now. I feel down. Ironically after I wrote post about being happy. Now I am sad.

For the last few hours I’ve been playing games which I never do for quite sometimes since I start blogging. I am disappointed with my mistake for purging all my Firefox setting and the weird behavior of my WordPress blog.

I don’t think I will blog for a while. Until I figure out what is happening. I want to find peace somewhere. And… I been a bit down because I don’t have my friends around right now. Indeed I am lonely. I don’t really feel like waking up.

This is purely one go writing. Just write whatever go past my mind. I don’t really feel well right now. Maybe I just should turn off my computer and sleep until.

I’ve also been having bad dream lately. I don’t know what is going on with me. I am in totally haywire. Right now I don’t care about spelling or whatever. I just feel like telling someone that I feel extremely down right now…

Aaaaaaaaaaa…..a silent scream inside me….I’ll be hiatus for a while. Bye…will be missing you all…

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