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I wrote something in about Open Source Hardware Revolution

I wrote something in about Open Source Hardware Revolution


I always thought that going back online is easy…now I am trying to get back online.
I have been disconnected for probably more than 2 years. No FB no twitter no blog. Only get connected sometimes by short term curiosity like foursquare. I always have the google+ account but it seams to me that nobody is yet in there. People is very much still in FB.

Sorry, I won’t create the FB account. Stick to G+. Twitter probably. Plurk highly unlikely. Youtube could be.
Wordpress of course. Instagram, yes. Flickr probably so yesterday. What else?

Overall I still haven’t decided what to write in “back to basic”. As long as it is not depressing.

After all these years, I realize the one that actually valued the thing I wrote is actually only myself.

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Hello world….again…..

First post since….i dont know….
Now i will try to leave the Days Without Miracle and put some whimsical twist to it by going back to basic.

More of the time i am very impressed when i read my own posts back then and ask myself….
“how on earth that im capable of writing these?”

Welcome back elvinado…you will be back online once again.

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