Basic communication


Many ways to communicate in this modern age of social network.

It is the nessessity to communicate between peoples. We have created too many ways and end up confused by our own wit. I will share some of the useful android app that I use to communicate with my little circle of friends. Some that I found good and some not.


Why on earth do you want everybody knows where you are on earth?


I have been on this Foursquare thing for quite sometimes until I got bored because the concept of checking in everywhere we go doesn’t seems to take off here in my town. But I will give it a try again.

The Basic – Tell people where we’ve been lasts.

The Best Thing – When a lot of people meet at one place and we actually meet them in person (Which I just imagine but never actually experience)

The Worst Thing – Good tool for stalker especially when you check in every few milimeters.

Conclusion – Its fun but never really useful for traditional communication.


The good old internet messenger.

Google Talk

This is the good old messenger. Log in google that just chat as usual. I have not much friends using this so not very useful.

Google +

A bit of everything.

Google +

This is the social network but again I have no friend in this network. I found it quite complicated but I always like whatever google created. For now this is still not very useful.

However, as you can see in the screenshot, there are multiple ways to communicate. Firstly, the good old messenger where we type and press enter. Usually this simplest method is the best and most effective. Secondly, Hangout. I believe this is some sort of video conference. The idea is super great but internet connection here is not so great to support the idea. Then, “pictures tells thousands words” in the Photos. And lastly we might also able to check in using Google+ similar to Foursquare.

The Basic – share what you want with only who you want to share with.

The Best Thing – If really utilized, google+ covers a lot of communication strategy. Writing, voice, visual, location.

The Worst Thing – I just found it to be really hard to learn the interface and what not.

Conclusion – I love this but nobody else close to me yet to appreciate this.


Mobile device with a camera + a very simple image manipulating software + internet connection + accounts…lots of them = Art


Communication via visual. Most of the time in artful manner. The software assist in the making of the art. Sharing the art and waiting for response if that what we looking for. This reminds me of Flickr but added the twist of the smartphone app to assist the art. How communication works here? I am not really sure.


Phone with front facing camera + good internet connection = Good video call


You can hear the person, you can see the person yet the person is not there. It is a stuff of witchcraft of the ancient. Yes, Like Authur C. Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.

The Basic – See and hear to believe

The Best Thing – If the internet connection is very good and you are actually seeing someone that you really want to see. If not, there is always the button to hang up.

The Worst Thing – Its actually tiring to hold the phone in awkward position to fit our own face inside it. Plus the delay between voice and action is rather confusing. We end up just voice call or messenger.

Conclusion – Not useful, yet.


Chirp like a bird…


This is one of the first Web 2.0 that I learn during the good old days when I was a research assistant. The concept was instead of blogging the whole long winding post, we just write a few words and it upload fast and easy.

The Basic – The shorter the better.

The Best Thing – You can dethrone the government with this very simple concept of sharing short messages.

The Worst Thing – What can bring you up so quickly can bring you down quickly as well.

Conclusion – Most effective ways of mass communication if you have something impactful to be shared.


Free your calls… but there is no such thing as free…you need to pay the internet connection.


This is the voice call. The most traditional communication which is voice. What else can I say? And…you can also use it to send Short Messages.


Communicate via audio visual


“There is unequal amount of good and bad in most things. The trick is to work out the ratio and act accordingly”  by th3j35t3r

Use youtube to show the world about some interesting things (as least for you), nobody will watch. Post some very very bad things, some will click. Post something that can overthrow a government, too many will watch then you need to remove it. Post something that will make you unable to sleep at night, good luck, probably you never able to sleep at night anymore.


You can’t do much with this but the little things that usually really matters.


I save this for last because as far as my situation and condition allows, this is the most effective communication means (of course because I don’t have facebook in the list).

The Basic – just plain Short Message Service like Chatting but using internet connection.

The Best Thing – It uses phone number instead of email address or username like most of internet messenger.

The Worst Thing – You don’t sleep at night WhatApping believing that all your messages are free.

Conclusion – Where I end up will always reduce to the simplest and basic ways. WhatsApp seems to fit the simplest and most basic.


This is The Address Book of my choice.


Don’t forget that the phone comes with carrier provider number and normal phone services. So Youlu is my  choice of address book manager. It manage my SMS, phone calls, calls logs, ringtones and all those what a cellular phone does. Out of all the above this is probably the heaviest use of all. The only number that I can remember in my life would be my own phone number and my identity card number. The rest I leave it to Youlu.

Things To Ponder

We have all the ways in the world to communicate. We made the call, we sent the messages, we post the videos, we tell the whole world how we felt. Why?

There is no amount of “current” technology can replace the actual presence. The last communication that we have yet to crack, TOUCH. We actually want to meet the person on the other end. We might be able to see then, able to hear them but we can never touch them or smell them or whatever you imagine.

It is tiring to type, to talk, or to hear. The actual presence with someone you love is never too long, never too tiring, never too tedious.

**sorry for wrong grammar or spelling if there’s any.


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