I am touched…

After so longTo Live is to Die, to To Laugh is to Cry, To Love is to Love with all our Heart

I am really touched by the fact that there are still some people visit my blog even though I didn’t update it. Thanks guys.

I am in the process of gathering all my soul and spirit to return to blog world. I indeed have my own hosting and domain name. But for some reason the new blog is still having unknown problems.

So for time being I will continue here just for a little while and then leave to another blog for good. Or another option is to update both of them.

I really felt a bit awkward after idling for so long. I can hardly write a sentence. It’s like being asleep for a long time and all my body seems to ache. However I won’t give up. I would revive the old spirit for sure.

Again I asked for your support. Thanks and sorry for everything…


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