It’s Spring Here…Welcome



Few days ago I saw this ‘stand out of crowd’ tree. It was the only tree around that full of flowers…and it’s pink! So I decide to take a few picture of the tree for my photoblog. Both photos that I posted here are a bit washed-out because I took the picture in hard mid day sunlight just now on my way back from cafeteria for lunch. So I gave a slight Photoshop touch to make them look better.



For more pictures please visit my Photoblog “Light Rhetoric” and I am glad to have you comment on my photo and photography.



3 responses to “It’s Spring Here…Welcome

  • eMiKo

    kacak na juak? heheh…. odd one out… best2!!

  • BlueStar

    Hi! Just saw your comments on Lynn Wei’s Blog, and since she has tagged you, I’m here to give you an idea of how this tag going on =)
    Check it out the original one at You can read the full instruction and the way to make it.
    Make a wish and spread it to others around =)
    Hope this will help you. And do enjoy the moment while dropping by my blog ^^ Have fun =D
    take care, cya around~

  • LilyLulu

    cantik tuh pokok nyaaa ….
    bess jek rasa …

    kalau salji kat Msia nih pasti lawa

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