Do You Watch TV?

Imagine…1 Year Later20 March 2009…

Person A : Do you watch TV yesterday night?
Person B : Watch what? Do you mean News?
Person A : Yes of course what else? It was a bad accident at Place A yesterday afternoon. And the traffic jam was so terrible.
Person B : Mmmm. Do you believe what they’re saying? I bet they asked some peoples to act the accident and made the headlines. Just to make us afraid to drive fast…
Person A : Yes, I even doubt the News. Its looked too fabricated. By the way I have been lost faith to TV long time ago.
Person B : All of them are all just mere liars!!!

Can you imagine what am I implying? Do you watch TV (I mean Malaysian TV) nowadays? Do you believe anything what they say? Can we still hope for TV to tell truth for us?

All of our mainstream media have become a mere instrument for some political side. All of the news have been distorted from truth just to give a good portrayal of a side of the coin. Every reports regarding the political enemy will be negatively read and written.

Journalism chastity have been tarnished badly. Reporters who should be people of truth and justice have become instrument of lies in the presence of cash and coins.

The news is always be too different from the truth. When they say the situation is good, it’s a good chance that the situation is really bad. When they say it’s wrong, maybe it is right. When ask 1+1, they might suddenly change topic to animals in the zoo. The prestige and honor of journalism have been lost.

I am writing out of discontent. I don’t know what journalism is but I hope journalism is to report the truth. But if TV and Newspapers says that journalism is an act bootlicking…I guess they will surely find oblivion one day. I hope so.

Where is the their pride? Where is their honor? Don’t they feel the have sold their soul by telling lies. Or…lies have been part of them since they’re born.

Up to a point…nothing in TV can be trusted. Even news about road accidents and things that got nothing to do with politics. Let alone those hypocritical advertisement that we watch everyday since we were born…

Imagine if nothing change…


10 responses to “Do You Watch TV?

  • ahlost

    I watch tv for local drama series..*LOL* ntv7.. hiak hiak..

  • alvin

    most of the time, i read blogs, other online news (even news reported by foreign countries tell the truth) abt wat’s going on in malaysia…


  • keeyit

    I seldom watch Tv news.. normally I will read online news paper and blogs too just like alvin..

    Yeah nowadays, the truth of the news really questionable.. we dun know whether it is true or not.. maybe because of the control of our government? I am not sure..

  • Janice

    At first glance I missed out the line ‘imagine after one year in 2009’
    haha.. So I was shocked for a while, Msia TV need to make up stories on accidents meh?

    Well, that’s not what will happen… What’ll happen, and what is happenning is that, they cover up all bad news, only reporting the ‘good’ news and the ‘not so good’ news or twist the whole thing.

  • mar

    Half truths or whole lies? 😉

  • ixora

    I thought my friends only jokes bout M’sian TV make up stories on accident and so on but looks like it’s true..

    Btw, I watch TV only because I want to watch Ugly Betty.. Korean drama and Spongebob. Oh,not forget to mention.. Sin Chan also. hehehehe.

  • elvinado

    ahlost ~ Drama is already a drama so it’s Ok la…
    Alvin ~ Truth is relative
    Keeyit ~ I also seldom watch TV just like to post something about it. But TV3 is too much
    Janice ~ Of course it’s just a joke…
    Mar ~ Half truths is as good as Lies
    Ixora ~ Huhu nampaknya tersalah Faham…rasa bersalah pulak…Ni joke je…takde la TV nak bohong kes accident.

  • ixora

    eheh.. sy silap eh? *blushing*

  • Patt Irmina

    still i prefer finding sources on the net compared to tv/newspapers.

  • LilyLulu

    still tgk tv .. tapi citer2 kat astro …
    heeeeeeeee ….
    berita .. time kol 8 ajer tengok
    pastu dah x tengok


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