My New Photoblog using Pixelpost and fate of DWM


This is my new photoblog which I published using an interesting tool call Pixelpost. Pixelpost is a script like WordPress but only specialize for photoblogging. So we won’t find a complete blogging features like in WordPress. I love it the first I found it few weeks ago. And now I own my own photoblog.

If anybody wish to have a blog only for pictures, this is an absolutely appropriate tool.

Installation was very easy. First create database, then just run the installation script. It was so easy unless problem occur during database creation.

I did mention about database did I? Only for those who bought hosting can setup database. Which means I already have my own hosting. However Days Without Miracle is still alive well here just waiting a few days for official closing.

My new domain, I think you can figure out yourself. I won’t officially announce it until the new blog is launch.

The fate of Days Without Miracle? I guess when it’s first year birthday, it will found it’s oblivion(Is the word is too cruel?). But till then, I still have a few unfinished business here at DWM. So please stay with me.


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