History Will Be Written

logo-50tahun_2.jpgHistory was my favorite subject when I was in school. Why? Because history is like a long story that are interesting and sometime twisted and weird. But most of the time they are just logical arrangement of important events that occurred randomly and sometimes in repetition. However in the same time I could not excel my history lesson because I have an extraordinary distorted sense of logic. Most of the time I couldn’t relate history with logic. I am born to be a scientist with weird vision and imagination. And, I have a really bad memory.

History lesson always ornamented with beautiful and funny mnemonics. I can’t remember any though, but I always know there was a mnemonic or theory called RAHMAN theory. A accidental mnemonic for 6 Malaysia’s prime ministers. And you know Malaysia to date still have only 5 prime ministers unless in few days the fifth (Hokage) step down to fulfill the RAHMAN.

I heard this really long time ago when I care less about leadership of the country. By the way I lived in Sarawak which a lot different from the Peninsular. Even a friend of mine mistakenly (tersasul) that Sarawak is not even Malaysia. RAHMAN which stands for Abdul Rahman, Abdul Razak, Hussein Onn, Mahathir, Abdullah (Anwar), Najib.

The theory was always shaken every prime minister in power. If Mahathir made Najib the prime minister few years ago it would be RAHMN which is kind of awkward for a history mnemonic. When Anwar was deputy it was just beautiful until he’s gone. But Mahathir appointed Abdullah to make the RAHMAN come true. Who will fill the N?

In logical and most appropriate and honorable way Abdullah should take responsibility for his party’s failure. I know this is no football management, when a football club lost even in final the manager will step down. I know this is no Japan, when the prime minister failed to lead he just step down. I know this is Malaysia and we have a crooked sense of PRIDE which lead our country down to the dark pit.

After 50 years of independent from the claw of colonialization, and on the 45th years of Malaysia (Yes I am a Sarawakian and always remember 16 September 1963), history have marked itself. What a beautiful number for history students to remember. National Front have faced her greatest failure in history. Actually our honorable Abdullah has made 2 great history, the biggest win in 2004 and the biggest lost a few days ago. He is really something.

What do we learn? What history taught us? What should we do next? These are the questions that we never been asked when I studied history during my school days. Learning history almost breathless dead just for the purpose of SPM, but learned nothing by heart. History should touch us, history should make us a better person, history should guide us to make a better decision in the future.

I am really exited to see a good change here in peninsular. Hope the Alternative Front will able to show the change they promised. It would be a great loss for the country if they don’t use this opportunity. A boy who cried wolf would never be listened anymore. Although the villagers gave him 3 chances. But I don’t really think that Malaysians will so much give 3 chances to them.

Now its time for substance over rhetoric. Talk only no use.(Like me)

I actually hope that the opposition will win because one of the promises was AUKU (Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti) will be abolished or at least change. But it looks like it is still far away. Maybe by the time the Act disappear I will not be a student anymore. The Act is really a threat, I even heard a student been 24 hours notice out of university for that reason. We really live in fear in our own independent country.

However if the opposition had won the RAHMAN theory will sadly be RAHMAA which is much awkward. The theory is just keeping its track to fulfill RAHMAN for whoever will fill the final N.

Maybe 13 also can be a good number for history students and… should always remember 13 is a really bad number to be made special. Our election was almost friday the 13th. Just a joke, I’m not superstitious (a joke that not even funny).

Sarawak…my beloved state. I guess have always a different set of history from Malaysia as it always have been for hundreds of years back. It was and always will be. And we have always be left behind although we live a lot freedom and harmony in Sarawak. Curse us for we are special, hate us, we are the middle earthling who awaits for the Return of the King (have you ever found resemblance of Sarawak and The Lord of the Ring?). Yeah.

So much of nonsense I have always love Malaysia and proud for we have prove that we can live in peace and harmony after an election been done. Because all around the world everybody held elections and always failed. Yet we up to the moment still happily reading and writing blogs.

I hope no stupid ignorance jerk will start using stupid biased mainstream media to start bickering and leads to instability. I still want to live happy and live in peace (and blogging). Please la don’t ‘mencucuk-cucuk’.Don’t ‘mengapi-api’. Don’t ‘menghasut’. I’ve watch TV3 and disappointed that they rather be an foul instrument of war then instrument of Peace. Please la repent.


9 responses to “History Will Be Written

  • syashot

    hi. ahah. actually forum ya x mendapat sambutan.. πŸ™‚

    jarang blog bcos…xda idea, kalau ada idea terkeluar pun, dat time sik duduk depan comp (plus, no internet connection kat tempat tinggal, so usually online kat college only…huhu..) πŸ™‚

    i agree with your view, supposedly, politik malaysia shud be like football, bila team kalah kat final, manager shud sedar kedirik n step down…yeah, wat to say..THIS IS MALAYSIA…the most UNIQUE country in the world..

    ape2pun, i feel slightly different now, bcos, kalau before this, takut2 mok cta pasal politik (yala..student la katakan), but now, the opposition party is not really an opposition.. (BN is also an opposition now kat Selangor, Kelantan, Perak, Pulau Pinang, n Kedah). πŸ™‚

    last but not least, i also hope..CHANGES..for my beloved Sarawak..


    selamat memblog !


  • keeyit

    I got A in my history on SPM result. Unfortunately I did not like history. I hate to memorize those history…

  • mar

    Nowadays even non-political ppl like me can’t help but talk abt politics…Let’s hope that what happens now will be for the best of Malaysia…Leave it to God in prayer. Be an instrument of peace! πŸ˜€

  • nono

    I never like history although I obtained good results for my sejarah back in kolej..


  • eMiKo

    history is sooooo my worst enemy!!!
    people says,who loves history tend to be ‘jiwang’…hehe…
    no offence!! good day!!

  • lynnwei

    love ur post! ahaha..
    erm….i love history too! keke.e.it’s like reading a story book!

    yea..RAHMAN….i’m really excited to see who is the N!!!

  • fila

    I love history!History tells everything.History shouldn’t be memorize by force,it should be remember as a story in ur head.

  • alvin

    guess so far you are the only one i know who loves history when in school… haha πŸ˜€

  • zewt

    but the people should be prepared for changes….

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