Was I been Tagged or what?

A few days ago I was tagged by Effa from ..::Just My Thoughts::.

My traffic has been low these few days back, it is kind of sad to see traffic going down so rapidly after it was so high before.

So I was tagged. The tag was soooo long that I am anxious to answer… moreover it is about personal data which is dangerous to reveal in the internet too explicitly.

But as a courteous gesture I should do it.


Name: Alvin Alexander
Age: (Ambik calculator kejap) Hampir2 22
Birthdate: Tak nak Gitau…sama ngan lahirnya Days Without Miracle
Birthplace: LKH Sibu
Location: Bilik Kat UTM


Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark Brown + Green + Blue + Grey
Braces?: Amende ni? Carik Kamus kejap… Tak tau la
Glasses/contacts?: A pair of glasses
Ni ape pulak?Tak nak jawab susah sangat soalan.
Scars?: Kat dahi
Style: No Comment


Food: Saya tak suka makan tu la kurus
Air kosong…boleh jimat
Store(s): Stor simpan barang2 electrik dan kotak kosong
Color(s): Merahmu bara semangat waja, putihmu bersih budi pekerti, kuning berdaulat pajung negara, biru perpaduan kami semua
Shoe Brand(s): Pallas Jazz
Clothing Brand(s): Baju Baju persatuan dan baju Ko-Q kat sekolah
Purse Brand(s): Guna Uncang
Boy/Girl: Tak pasti nak jawab ape
Dogs/Cats: Tak suka binantang yang bulunya tanggal
Night/Day: God!!! what Kind of question is this…no comment
Sun/Rain: No comment…I love all God’s creations


Cried in school: Yes
Laughed so hard you peed: No
Seen your bestfriend naked: No
Taken a shower with someone: Selalu…ni la hobi masa lapang
Been drunk: Never
Smoked: Nope
Cried on someoneโ€™s shoulder: No
Let someone cried on your shoulder: In my Imagination
Slept on bed with same sex: Malu la nak cakap…
Used the bathroom in front of a friend: Tak faham soalan (am I dumb or this question is damn hard)


Smoke?: nope
Do drugs?: I design drug
Of course people die if not
Cry often?: Crying release endorphin
Change in front of your friends?: So? Memang la
Talk about private things with friends?: To everyone…


Favorite eye color: As long as they have eyes, never bother about the eyes but I like hazel
Favorite hair color: Dark
Height: Mmmm no comment…saya pendek sangat nak comment
Weight: Feather weight
Kalau nak mati cepat jangan ajak orang, please la jangan merokok
Drugs: A drug designer
Tattoos: Tatu naga
Piercings: Nak yang pierce kat dahi
Style: Simple and contemporary


Person you hugged: I cant remember…so long time ago
Person you kissed: Never kissed anybody
Person you talked to: A friend who take Civil Engineering gave me a questionnaire to answer
Time you cried: Few minutes ago…a lie…i don’t know
Time you laughed: Right now
Thing you bought: Kacang pagoda
Person you yelled at: I always yell
Person you said i love you to: Ivy
Person told you they love you: Never
Person you gave present to: Ain, A junior in UTM as a birthday present
Person gave you present: Never
Person you hit: I never hit
Person hit you: I am Garaa cannot get hit
Thing(s) you drank: Chrysanthemum tea
Thing(s) you ate: Cloud 9

3 facts about you people dont know:

1- I curse a lot in my heart without say anything aloud

2- I always attempt a suicide
3- When I am hungry I seldom admit I hungry…that’s why I am sooooo thin

I WON’T Tag anybody specific…BUT if anybody wants to answer this tag please tell me that they have done this…I wish to read yours


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