Support Them Too

I got three real life friends which I can say just started blogging…I wish my readers to support them too.

  1. Away From Home by Rizalo
  2. Airilines by Airi
  3. SALAM by NikAzhar

Unlike me whose already tried blogging for years and failed countless times, these people are all (I guess) first time blogger who actually never do blog before. So please give them some encouragement and hope. So they can feel the blogging addiction A.S.A.P.

These are some of peoples that I persuade to blog. What they write and what they’re up to I am not sure. They write about games, politics, general, and some funny post.

Please drop comments or just simply visit them just to give them impression that someone drop at their site…in my experience…it really motivate me… 🙂

I am just doing “Do what you want other to do unto you”… Thank you..


  1. Light From The Sun by AsrulFarish

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