Blame Us…Please….!!!

[Disclaimer: Another purely my own opinion article]

Almost all people I came across, my friends and colleagues have not registered as voter. This is including myself. I really regret for not registering last time when SPR opened their counter near here. I was too dumb to care about my country’s future back then.

These peoples are people who are totally eligible of age and most important of all, these are fellow “intellectual” who are suppose to lead the country in years to come. I bet people who never went to university even register to vote when they reach the age.

When I said almost all I really mean it. It’s like among 20 or more only 2 already registered but sadly even the two don’t really intend to vote. What happen to our 50 years of Independence and our young 44 years / 38 years of Malaysia we lived now?

It’s a saying “Children of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow”. We the post independence children are the the children of yesterday and suppose to be the Leaders of today. However, how could a leaders of today not register as voter yet let alone to involve in politics.

We are the children who born in the 80’s, way after the independence and the forming of Malaysia. So we care less about what happen back then. We are inculcate with entertainment of the west, internet, technology, electronics, highways, musics, Hollywood, shopping complex, karaoke and all other things as long as they have nothing to do with politics.

As long as I can remember, we have been brainwashed to see politics (even the word itself) as taboo. I mean as taboo as the word F**k. I mean it… Our parents always remind us that don’t involved in politics. Our teacher seems shivering whenever politics is the issues. People always whispering to criticize politicians and doing that, is the least they want to do.

Whenever I started to bring politics issues into discussion, my friends start to give me weird grin. This is in university where the mind are a lot better than in the street. These are peoples who are suppose to have better view of the world. These are peoples who suppose to responsible about our future offspring.

When there are election in university to choose our students body what happen? “Menang tanpa bertanding”(win without contesting). What happen? When the winners are not university’s choice by all means they will be replaced. And of choice, are all wimps (sorry) who are just “boneka”(puppets). I am no better than you, I am a greater wimp for never even try to contest.

During this dark age, I guess it’s impossible to see actively fighting students like (DS) Anwar Ibrahim and friends in the 70’s who really fight about what they think right. Today’s students are weak and timid. Leave alone to fight about Human Rights, even to fight about students rights e.g hostel rent, we just prefer to live in silent pain. (Note: “We” means “us”, and “us” means including “me”.)

Statistics here, statistics there stating that many eligible young peoples have not registered as voter. So blame us. We live in a culture of tradition. When our fathers says NO then we say NO. When our parents says YES then we say YES. This is a culture of FAITH where we don’t ask what we do and it’s a sin to ask. By time we plunge into the darkness of ignorance.

A teacher of mine told us “We learn History just for the sake of knowing that people in the past never learn from history”. Even people of the present never learn from the history. History taught us to ask for reasons no to blindly follow. As early as Socrates, to learn is to ask. People die when the ask, and people persecuted when they ask, and they crucified when they ask. They die to let their children learn, to let us learn. But we never did.

What’s wrong? Where’s the flaw?

We live like in colonial where we are too afraid to criticize. We are being oppressed consciously and unconsciously but we are too afraid to ASK. We are being threaten using our scholarship, our placement, our education, our business and our opportunity. Modern crucification and stoning is to take away our opportunity and freedom to ASK. As I am writing I am been unconsciously crucified.

During the Advent of blog and web 2.0 it’s kind of better. But still we are too afraid to criticize directly because if we do, our scholarship will be taken away, we will be probably kick out of our University, we might be miserable for the rest of our life. Yeah shout “Merdeka” 7 times every August 31. Go Shout it. When we never know what “Merdeka” really means.

Students suppose to be an ultimate opposition to the government. Don’t care what political party they are. As long as they are Government student should always ask not blindly with faith follow. We are not partisan, we are students. We are scientist, we are intellectual, we are leaders of tomorrow.

So BLAME US for not voting, for not willing to hold responsible for our own country, for leaving to other country to work, for leaking information to foreign body, for ashame to speak in our mother tongue, for being a scumbag, for everything bad we do, for being drug addict, for everything under the sun and over the earth. BLAME US for what our forefather sowed and we are harvesting them today.



8 responses to “Blame Us…Please….!!!

  • Lynnwei

    very deep post…well…i guess if we the younger generation dont vote anymore…i guess one day the country wont be demoncratic anymore…no matter how..i doubt whatever our vote might not count because the current gov is manipulating the whole thing.

  • Bengbeng

    make sure u register soonest possible so u will not face the same dilemma the next time 🙂

  • bongkersz

    so, what are you waiting for? go to the nearest post office and register for 2013 election my friend. talk is cheap.

    p/s : i don’t think any students that think politics is rubbish = intellectual. just my lousy opinion.

  • keeyit

    register yourself lol now… hehe..

  • maika

    ya.. me too.. Such an
    ignoramus i am.. huhu..

  • Lily

    i pon x register ok ..
    tapi nak buat mcm mana kan


  • cibol

    oit bugger .. go register now la ..

  • Aisyah

    wow. this is a very good post.

    “We live in a culture of tradition. When our fathers says NO then we say NO. When our parents says YES then we say YES. This is a culture of FAITH where we don’t ask what we do and it’s a sin to ask. By time we plunge into the darkness of ignorance.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

    the government/parties fail to attract youngsters to vote.
    any comment about that?
    maybe they should give free marijuanas, then only the youngsters will vote. LOL. ok, marijuanas is a bad example. ipod nano, perhaps? that’d be cool. heh.

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