The Demise of Days Without Miracle

There are two thing that we don’t know when do they really happen.When do the exact point of time do they happen. The first is when do we begin to fall asleep and the second is when do the fall of civilizations begin. Both seems to sound funny when I first heard them because they are two really different things. However by time I keep thinking about the phrase and it becomes something so real and serious.

(I got this from a lecturer of mine a few years ago. He was a kind of lecturer that always give a short inspirational thoughts before giving the real lecture in class. I really miss his class. It was really fun attending his class for he was funny and insightful.)

So what’s with the title? “The Demise of Days Without Miracle”

Updates have been scarce and activity here have been stagnant. I am suggesting that maybe my beloved “Days Without Miracle” have come to its end. I know it’s my fault. But I don’t really have the feeling to blog these few days. Provided the internet connection that praiseworthy “so fast”(means slow), I have been failing even to put comments on my own blog not to say others.

It’s actually not yet the exact demise, the time will be unknown. I will try to keep it alive to the end. So sad that I am feeling this way when Days Without Miracle not even reach a year of age. When around this time many of my friends who were a bitter critics of blogs have be a blogger themselves after I persuaded them.

A blogger friend of mine once told me “Rome wasn’t built a day”. Sorry, my Days Without Miracle ain’t Rome or China or Egypt or Aztec or even Singapore or Majapahit. I sounds like a faint-hearted guy. I have always plans in my mind. It’s all been written in my blogs before. A demise might be just a feint, maybe it’s a metamorphosis into something better.

So sad that whatever my plan is…I still so dependent to my internet speed performance.


3 responses to “The Demise of Days Without Miracle

  • cibol

    you just need some time away. you don’t need to put an end to it. Cheer up! Even if you don’t have china or rome or even bekenu for say, it’s still something that you’ve been pouring efforts into for the past few months. relax and indulge urself a lil while. there’s no point posting when you doesn’t feel like rite? and what more to say if you’re in a very bad mood because of the internet connection. so, chill out!

  • elvinado

    Cibol ~ Sometimes the demise of something is a birth of another things…even when my Days Without Miracle ends one day…it will remain alive then ever…and the internet connection…something that’s out of my control…

  • iRina

    elvin, I understand what you’re feeling.. There are times in our life that we feel that we have to do something, and later, sometimes we regret it.. Your ‘Days Without Miracle’ is a great blog. And, I gotta agree with cibol about what he said.. Blogging, although to some is just a form of entertainment, but for some others, it becomes their escapade, a form of them to express themselves.. Having a blog makes you feel as if you can just write anything you like, and when there are people commenting on what you wrote, it’s such a great feeling, because there are people out there who still cares.


    Take your time yea.. I have started blogging about 3 to 4 years ago, and there were times when I wouldn’t post anything for a month or more, but there will come a time when I feel, “Waaah, so long I haven’t blog.. Hmm.. What if I wrote about …..” and those were the times when I feel glad that I still keep that blog.. Hehe..

    Anyway, hope you’ll feel better soon k.. Cheer up! =)

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