Time is relative – Blogtime vs earthtime

Do you know that when a subject move faster that the other, that particular subject’s time will be relatively slow in the view of the other. In other words, when you move fast and I stay still, your 1 hour will be longer than my 1 hour in comparison with my time. That is relativity. Hence the space travel paradox (the space traveler will get older slower than the people on earth).

However, it’s not about space and time that I want to write. It’s about living in both blog world and (so-called) real world in the same time. Like what we are doing right now.

I’ve been experiencing this for already a few weeks. Read carefully or else it’s really hard to understand.

  1. When I dedicate more to the blog world (blogging and reading blogs), the real world will seems so slow, 1 day may seems like 3 days.
  2. When I start playing and chatting with friends more in the real world, the blog world seems to left me behind so fast, when I try to get back to the blog world, I felt so far behind.
  3. Obviously blogs move faster than earth, thus their time become relatively slower than the real world’s time.

In practical term

  1. When I left my laptop one day (24 hours) untouched, when I open my rss/feed reader, hundreds of new post that I want/need to read and comments. Impossible for me to comment them all.
  2. When I am in front of the computer all day long, suddenly all idea come out to blog. Most of the time, I felt boring because I got no more new post to comment.
  3. When I so involved in the real world, I sleep a lot. But when I am in blog world, I sleep less.


This is not scientific but I really can feel it first hand and still feeling it as I type. Maybe some social scientist should get a doctorate doing this research. I also postulate that the more blogs/news/site that we want to read, the faster the blog world will be. Who knows maybe this theory will be called Alvin’s Postulates. Yeah… or maybe one day virtual and reality are indistinguishable.

(Note: actually I want to say sorry because I cannot read or visit or comments to all blogs that I usually visit in the past)


3 responses to “Time is relative – Blogtime vs earthtime

  • lester michael

    Well if u want to talk more of time relativity, I have one good point. We learned this in Physics-Time relativity, time dilation…I’m sure that u know about this, but nvmind…. do you happen to know if u have two clocks, having the same exact time – the same ticking -, and one you leave it down on earth and the other one, you put in in a rocket that goes into space. When the spaceship returns,compare the time for both clocks. apparently, the clock left on earth will be ticking faster than the the one brought up into space…. Scientifically, time will tick slower in outspace. One more theory is that, you have two twins at the same age-20 year-old. One stays on earth and the other one goes into space for 20 years. when the one form the space goes back, he will still be forty whereas the one that stays on earth will be 50 and looks really old…that’s what we learn..bizarre isn’t it?

  • Lynnwei

    it’s ok. it’s understable…as long as u keep up ur great posts here..it’s good enuff!!


    the more i find myself in blogworld..the less time for earthtime..aha…

    u got a point! this need balance!

  • elvinado

    Lester ~ That’s what they called Space Travel Paradox. Actually time does not tick slower in the outer space, just because in outer space the movement tend to be faster so the time relatively to the static earth time will be comparable slower.

    Lynnwei ~ thanks your visit is most appreciated…

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