Reply to all Comments…and Hontou Gomenasai…!!!

Uwaaaa….Finally I’m back here in front of my laptop typing on my blog…it’s been almost a week since my last post. It’s seem like a long time ago…Should I say Sorry? Lots of comments not been replied. I am really sorry and I really appreciate all the comments and everybody who visit my blog even when I didn’t update.

I need to put the blames somewhere for not be able to update last week.

  1. My browser keep telling me toomanyconnection.jpg and keep showing me blank pages whenever I surf.
  2. Last week I got “Research Methodology Course” that I must attend to pass, for 3 days, Wednesday ’till Friday.
  3. I’m tired on weekend and not really in my room. I been really around real people and real world instead of virtual friends.
  4. I got proposal again to do which I just finished just now.
  5. I’ve been demoralized by the fact that my kaspersky key has been blacklisted…kasperskywarning.jpg
  6. And the only site that fast enough surfable here at my internet connection was The only site that I read throughout last week. All other blog and site are literary unsurfable at all…I blame my connection…

Next I will try to reply all the last 20 comments on my blog here…

The last 20’s

  1. Laura on 8 random Facts about me…– “I did mine already.” ~ Thanks for doing it and telling me…
  2. BengBeng on my ‘about’- “Elvinado is in love…in love with the vastness of the endless ocean of knowledge.-> this is impressive. i am sometimes afred of nowledge. adred to learn things i dont want to know of. u r an optimist. i am the pessimist ) ~ I am trying to be optimistic…I was actually had a really bad impression about myself and really hate myself so much but people certainly change by time
  3. Lynnwei on Di Mana Kan Ku Cari Ganti – “wah…sweet!!!! it’s sad but touching….” ~ I love this song and I hardly find the song in the net…so rare…and I ask my friends but none have it
  4. Azhar86 on V stands for… – “Who is D??.. I think I know who is he…. heheheh” ~ of course it’s Airi…
  5. Lily on Di Mana Kan Ku Cari Ganti – “alaa .. sedey nyaa lagu ….” ~ Memang sedeh…liriknya simple tapi best…
  6. Lynnx01 on Keep Holding On…? – “As for me, I take little notice on the lyrics. I only listen to songs.” ~ I never care about the lyric until that person asked me to listen to it…I always love Avril’s
  7. Maika on Hatred over Love – “thats the beauty of writing..” ~ Yeah it certainly is.
  8. MissiRina on 8 random Facts about me… – “woah, you didn’t drink for that long? man, for me, I can’t live without water. hehe.. i can drink up one whole 1.5L water bottle in about one night (from evening to bedtime). Hehe..” ~ I am too lazy to “menjerang” water.
  9. MissiRina on Di Mana Kan Ku Cari Ganti – “My dad love this song.. =) Glad you post this up. Hehe..” ~ My pleasure
  10. MissiRina on Keep Holding On…? – ”
    Well, for me, this song is about a friend (or ’someone’) telling his/her friend that he/she is not alone. That through all the trials and tribulations in his/her life, there will always be someone by their side. =)Btw, this song is the theme song from the movie Eragon. =) Have you seen it? Coz in the movie, the context is about protecting/supprting someone who is about to do something drastic. ;-)” ~ Thanks for the opinion…I have not watch the movie… I hope in the future.
  11. Laura on Keep Holding On…? – “You should listen to Chris Perez – Best I Can. Hahaha..definitely u will understand the song lyric. D” ~ Mmmmm Never heard of…I am too entertainment blind and left out…who is that…I should Google out.
  12. Aisyah on Keep Holding On…?– “haha. I couldnt care more to learn deepeer about the lyrics. as long as the song is good, it’s fine. and that I could understand the lyric generally. hehe.” ~ It certainly good….really…
  13. Sumbudy on Keep Holding On…? – “well, well…
    actually i dun quite understand the song too
    but of coz, the obvious meaning is :
    keep holding on, coz i wil support u no matter what.
    but if there’s any hidden meaning, u’ve got to ask avril, which is impossible, so y not ask the person who asked u to listen to the song.
    he/she has the answer (should be).
    ” ~ MMM really are mysterious huh Sumbudy…
  14. Lester on Keep Holding On…? – “It is necessary for us to know what the real meaning of a song? Why dont we just enjoy the song(s) as long as it has catchy rythms and keeps playing on our mind. yup I think this should be fine. But if u r more like an artistic guy, go ahead and decipher the lyrics. Ha HA” ~ Actually it just me that need to understand the song…sometime people give song for hidden meaning for me to decipher, sometimes just plain sarcasm.
  15. Lynnwei on Keep Holding On…?erm…what are you trying to hold on too?sometimes, it might be better to learn to let go! hahaha…

    =)” ~ Love someone let her go eh….? hehe no… sometime I don’t need to let go at all…

  16. Glaize on Hatred over Love – “A lovely piece. Deep and it wakes the mind. Humans do and act without even knowing for sure why exactly they do and act so. They’ll say it’s because this and that. One reason will never be enough. Hatred over Love? You can safely say I’m love-obsessed. ) Hahaha. Cheers!” ~ Thanks I’m love-obsessed too…Yeah Go Go Love
  17. Rizalo on Comment Page – “buah epal di tingkat lapan,
    naik lif tolong ambikkan,
    saya budak baru belajar,
    kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.
    ” ~ Takde bende yang salah sampai ada orang cakap salah…sooo ko tak bersalah pun…Mmmma aku pun lost dah.
  18. airilines on Keep Holding On…?– ”
    What are you waiting for?just press “F” or “Page Down”

    i will help you to jump from the barrier“~ I’m not waiting…just keep holding on…what are you waiting for…oh just forget about it..

  19. Winne on My Alternative Internet Messenger – PidginHey, I recently stumble upon Pidgin but do not have a good idea about it.
    I actually just started in a new company and they have block of all access to mails as well as messengers. I only can surf the internet and blog. So I am looking for an alternative or a way for me to log in to messenger. Do you have any idea if Pidgin would work for a case like mine?
    ” ~ Anybody can help her? I have no idea…
  20. Keeyit on Keep Holding On…? – “If really a nice song then i will get the lyrics“~ Yes you should it’s a nice song

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