Hatred over Love

[As a disclaimer, this is purely my point of view, so please deny me, and…I am totally cryptic, but…I am totally serious]

I love to read, I admit. I love to read everything as long as it is readable by me. Every topic that I came across. I read them all. Whether from books, newspapers, magazines and the most easily available, the internet. It is fun to read because reading can excite my imagination. I catch lots of things from reading. Mostly I get informations and knowledge that are useful for my life. The rest, are purely entertainments that consist of stories about love as well as hate. I am writing one right now.

As far as I’m concern, all writings at least writings that I read are written by human not cat, dog, or any species of evolutionary family of rodents. Human write about all things in their senses and imaginations. Most of all, human write about human themselves. And among them about love and hatred. Now I would like to lead us into the dark pit of human literature about love and hate from my point of view. Introduction full stop.

Particularly around this time of the decade, people start bashing each others. The utmost important characteristic about this “this time around”(I don’t know whether you know what I mean) is this bashing and cursing and profanity and hatred. However this phenomena occur only around here. No I mean it’s happening everywhere around the globe but for now it’s happening here.

Again, however, I’m not interested in regional but more to human race level. By human race I define as the descendant of Adam and Eve for the believer and evolutionary perfection of Homo Sapiens for the non-believer. In other words we are all the same. Unless I say other race is less evolved than I am or other race is less “chosen” than me, which I utterly believe neither.

January 1 ’till December 31 of Gregorian, there must be in some part of the world some human take away other human’s life. I don’t know whether chimps or monkey do this but I do know human do this. People kill because they’re different and their differences, race, religion, nationality, tribe, region, and so on (and political party, ideology, principle).

It is an absolute conflict between the former and the latter. How could the same be so different? The answer is I don’t know and I don’t care.

So much ado about nothing, I return back to my first discussion that I like to read. Beyond this point I might be less riddling then before.


Why do some peoples like to write something that almost surely to excite anger and start conflict?

Why do peoples (like myself) like to write something that they don’t know?

Why do peoples (including myself) love to do generalization and assume something that they’re not really sure of?

Why do peoples never care about others feeling?

Why do peoples tend to follow the mass rather than follow the truth?

Why do peoples treat those whose different as enemy?

Why do peoples rather choose hatred over love which is much better and much comforting?


Those are just rhetoric questions. No real answer. There will always the word “depends” in the answer that indicates uncertainty of the answer.

Another question, why in the first place I inspired to write this? Because I read a lot and I felt sad when I read those writings that provoke clash and promote hatred. When I read news or magazines or friendster or other less academical form of reading, I found articles that give an extreme emphasis on our differences as human. I will be called “insensitive” if I be more specific here. We love our differences, extremely love them that we really like to waste our time listing all the detail of our differences as human. We even write books and some dedicated magazines to write about our differences. Basically we want to show that “I am a better breed than the other” or ” I am more well evolved than the other”. Am I?

I might be able to write tens of thousands of words about our differences but I can never write about our similarities. Why? Because differences are distinguishable and easily seen and sensed compared to differences. Moreover our social system is based on difference (like race, religion, nation) rather than our similarities as human beings.

I know, I know I won’t change anything writing about this but this is what blog for, freedom of writing, expressing, speech.

To make things worse we like to response in adversary to those writing. It’s like two Flintstones knocking, producing spark. It might be just a simple internet forum or a short article in the newspaper but a big forest fire starts only with a tiny spark. And when it starts, only God know how to stop it.

(If you remember, I hate to use the word “we” because by using it I assume we are all stupid like Me, but here I need to, unless no one will understand my metaphor)

What am I implying? Firstly don’t hold the Flintstones in the first place. The pair will always found its partner. I mean don’t write something that just ‘making others feel mad’ just for the sake of ‘making others feel mad’. Am I holding the Flint right now? I don’t know, you judge.

Then don’t create the spark as in don’t become the second flint. Plus, don’t fuel them with dried straw such as more detail of our human differences as to fight back. That’s just making the situation worse. The madness goes on.

Maybe it’s time to conclude my witless and unintelligent opinion. I have my own view of what right and what wrong. I see right and wrong are only partially related with what is sin and what is not. So I call to vote for both what is right and what is good and please don’t do what is wrong and what is sin.

To love over hatred, to pray over curse, to praise over blame, to give suggestion over bashing wildly, to promote life over killing, to be friend over to make enemy, to opt for truth over dwelling in lie, to think over to blindly accept, to ask over silence, to improve over stagnation, and to admit stupidity over acting all knowing.

I  write this to remind myself. I write in deep control of myself. I write this as myself. I just want to be part of love over hatred promoter not Hatred Over Love seller. May the peace and harmony will be bestowed upon us as long as our descendants walk this earth. But ’till then we are the only species that can control our fate, so we shall hold this responsible the best we could. Love unconditionally not war uncontrollably… 🙂  XOXO


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