Vector Art – Blair Waldorf(Leighton Meester) – Almost a Tutorial


A few weeks (around 2 weeks) ago I prepared a tutorial as requested by Lola of Shoegasms here. This was an almost complete tutorial that I considered very easy even a dummies can follow. However, due to some setback and unprecedented circumstances I never put the tutorial which already on paper to the screen. This is a bit disappointing even for me. (Hey Lola, maybe you thought I already forgot, no I always think about this tutorial always but I am too lazy to post it.)

A bit info about this latest Vector art of mine. The person was Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl as Blair Waldorf. As for now this is the most detailed down of my handicraft. It took me really good few hours (actually days) to finish it. I concentrated on the face so I didn’t finish the cloth.

So, fast forward to the finished product.


Above the full version I mean the final version. I don’t think I will continue to edit it, because although she’s beautiful I am already tired of her face.


Here’s the original photo which looks tens of millions much beautiful than the vectorized. I really don’t know why they don’t look the same at all. I feel sad…I’ve been figuring that out for days but I can’t figure what’s wrong ’till now. If anybody knows what’s wrong? Maybe the forehead or eyes or cheek or whatever. I’ve been staring at those two version for hours but I found nothing that can make they much similar. To find differences is harder that I thought.


Maybe you want to have a closer look…

BTW despite the unfaithful Vector art…do anyone want the tutorial? If you want I will do it…


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