Where have you gone?

What do you expect from the title? This post is either about love or I am searching for a lost friend…but when you see the category, it falls under Tech…Why…why?

Without further whimsical, actually this post is about something called cache. “Where have you gone?” was the question I asked when I streamed videos or music in the internet. Quite sometimes ago I heard about cache which in my opinion (purely just my opinion) is a bunch of temporarily downloaded files when we surf the net. So what’s so interesting about it? I’ll tell you later…

Before I continue I would like to inform any ‘instructional gestures’ I’ll show later on are based on Mozilla Firefox because I don’t use IE (Please la, geli I guna IE!).

Questions :

Have it ever occur to you that when you watch YouTube or surf Friendster or read manga at onemanga.com, you wonder where did the videos or the soundclip or the manga pages gone? Maybe not, ok.

“How the blessed heaven do I download this God Bless YouTube video?” maybe you ask yourself. Maybe not, ok.

or “For heaven sake, I been waiting for this video streaming for hours, then when it finished streaming I cannot get the video?” maybe you half shoutingly said it to your self in your room.

Do you get what I mean? Or do I need to write a poem about how annoying the feeling is?


Type about:cache in your firefox address bar. Of course press Enter.


Then copy the cache directory address. This address is where our Firefox cache is located.


Then paste it into file browser’s address bar and enter.


Voila! You got the Firefox cache…but…what are these meaningless bunch of files?


What is there in the name? They are lots of things in the name. Those files are unidentifiable because they have no extensions (.jpg, .flv, and so on). Basically if it was a YouTube video the file size must be more that 1 Mb. Search for big files and try renaming it to .flv (try and error) because YouTube use flash video format. Either arrange the files according to size or its better to arrange according to date modified. The last modified files will be appeared top most of the list.

However in the case of streaming videos or music clips, they must be finished streamed to get a complete file. If it’s mp3 then rename it .mp3 accordingly.(Streaming is a terminology for watching or listening while downloading)

Most of the time I ignore small files around below 50kb because most of the time they are just illustrations and advertisements cache.

I don’t know if this can help you but it works well for me. I don’t need some fancy video downloader to download the videos of my liking… Hope you learn something… Happy trying…

[Note to cibol…I download your video using this method]


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