V stands for…

It’s been quite a fuss about the V day…

Almost all blogs I visited uttered about the V day…

When I read ‘V day’…I chuckle alone because it remind me of something.

teethfang.jpgFew weeks before, I was having this weird cycle of a day. I was almost as if living in American timezone, which is mathematically about 12 hours different from Malaysian hours. In other words, I sleep during daylight and completely wide awake whenever the sun went down. Then out of nowhere a friend of mine gave me a nickname, “V”. It was like a codename V.

Out of nowhere I called him “D” or codename D.

They’re not really out of nowhere…V and D were inspired. Guess what do they stand for?

Actually V came from my name al”V”in thus inspired from my weird behavior, the friend of mine called me a Vampire. D in the other hand none other…Dracula. During that short period of time I really felt its hard for me to sleep during the night. To make things more vampire-like I can’t really see the sun and rarely did I. My eyes really hurt. I always went out at night to eat and do some activity. My Vampirism was almost fully developed.

So when I read “Happy V Day” the first thing in my mind “Huh? A vampire day?” A day for a Vampire like me…hehe…

Enough with those delusional talk…

Main Story

A few blog posts ago I wrote about hope and love. I mean this post. Although I’ve been sitting in my room all day long reading a book about Digital Photography, I also been waiting for hope.

If you read the post, I wrote about a forwarded text from a friend. The text message promised if I get 5 return of the same message I will get a surprise on my Valentine day (which was the “V” day).

However I was not really anticipating any surprise and I don’t. But through out the 24 hours absolutely something has happen. Something so special that gave me a ray of hope. Not really a surprise though but it was something. Something that I won’t tell. Because they are things that only good if they remain mysteries.

(Cheh, so why do I even bother to write about it if it’s better remain mystery?)

Just to keep record (and to tease) of what I was feeling last 24 hours. Particularly I don’t write diary so I blog. Maybe one day when I read this again I will smile in thanksgiving…


5 responses to “V stands for…

  • LEA85

    does it realy work? ive given up hope on those forwarded messages gaga, actually i dont get 1000 hits a day, just aroung 100+. its because of my proana post. its like 100 pple views them everyday, so last week i changed my privacy setting so would block the search engine but it still get viewed alot. pro ana is getting very popular around the world. those that saw my post were from livejournal and other forum that was in support of pro ana so i got spooked and changed my privacy setting hahha.

  • Aisyah

    wow? it works? I hate those kind of chains. I dont read them. and definitely dont even bother to forward them.

  • Lynnwei

    haha…good one…V for vampire! hey…dont distort the real meaning of v day! ahahha…. =p

    tell tell…dont keep it a mystery! tell what is that surprise you got?!

  • airilines

    some quotes for V

    “Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici”
    (By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe)

  • azhar86

    Who is D??.. I think I know who is he…. heheheh

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