To my Sweetheart…

[February is certainly the season of Love when everybody speaks and writes about Love, I don’t want to miss]


This is a letter of love to you. Just to make sure you know how much I think about you. To let you know that I still miss you. Just to let you know there’s no one have ever replace you.

It’s been a while, yes, it’s been a while. But never have I ever able to remember you lesser than the last day we met. Never was I to forget every moment we spend together. Never would I ever want to do so. It’s like a good wine of old, never been opened for years. Waiting for the worthy to take the cozy sip.

I wonder, so many things I would easily forget. Never was I able to forget our promises, childish promises. Do you remember? Tulips; I knock at your door with a bouquet of tulips in my hand. Giving it to you and ask would you be with me forever? Do you still remember? And you answer you would. How could I ever forget?

Just to think of you, just to know you’re there, just listen to you name, I am happy. Will one day we meet again? Or one day I would finally forget your beauty and kindness and modesty and love, or you’re really a snare of love which I could enter but can never leave…

[This is purely fictional unless you think it’s not…just make your own guess…]


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