Wish list

I woke up this morning wishing for things…either some angel will give them to me or I need to work to earn to get them. Of course the latter is more realistic.

  1. First of all I want…a digital SLR (single-lens-reflex). At least Canon EOS Digital Rebel (XT) or Nikon 40D.
  2. I want…a synthesizers for….I don’t know, maybe I just want it…any brand would do.
  3. I want a hosting and my own domain name…I want multiple domains available.

I think three would do. But to think of it, they are just seasonal wishes which will fade by time. Something that I just really want when I have no money close. Usually when I have, I will spend it all on computer.

Also high on my hope list (not hopeless)

  1. To see some good progress on my research I am tired of reading and doing nothing.
  2. To remember to do some fasting or at least abstinence (which I do almost everyday since I can’t remember).
  3. To tidy up my ‘wrecked ship’ room.
  4. To live as a human not as a vampire (to sleep during the night and awake during the day).
  5. To have proper meal (twice a day) and gain some good weight (I am as light as feather).
  6. To do more walking outside instead of just sitting in front of the monitor and blogging.

Enough!!! The wishes can go on and on. One last thing, I want to be a good person and of course I wish some cute and kind angel will one day give me one of three wishes above.

Bye everyone have a nice day….O happy happy day… O happy happy crazy tonight…


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