Being Happy


It’s Chinese New Year…Happy Chinese New Year Everyone…

Note that I wrote “Everyone”. I really mean everyone. Year and month and week and time are for everyone. For whosoever created the concept to time and year, they are for everyone. So New Year is just another reason to be happy. So what’s wrong if all people regardless of what their race and religion being happy. Happiness is something that should be shared.

In my own definition, happy is when I am not mad, not sad and not afraid. Other than that I am happy. So regardless when I feel hungry or feel alone or what ever it is, I am happy.

My friend and I have this one joke that maybe only we laugh about it. It is about procrastination and happiness.

firewo3.jpg His name is AA coincidentally similar with me AA.

AA : Ei, why don’t one day we all with all our friends go for a trip again? Maybe journey around Malaysia.
Me : When will it be?
AA : Maybe one day when we already stable and have transport. When we already have our own money and have place to live.
Me : Why must it be later? Why don’t just do it now? Isn’t it we must not postpone happiness. When we want to be happy, be happy now.

(I am kind of sure that you don’t get what I mean. We tried the joke to others and none of them understand. It was funny because we don’t have much money, just enough to eat. How could we go for trip…)

The notion of being happy right now was taken from a book titled “Being Happy”. Think about this. When I was little my teacher always told me that you can do what ever you want after the UPSR (an exam for primary school). So I waited and scored for the exam then hoping to claim the prize, doing everything I want. Then I entered secondary, still I can’t do whatever I want. Wait until I finished PMR (lower secondary exam) so I can be happy. So I struggled to death for it and I passed with flying colors. Am I happy to the fullest?

Next, SPM (Exams for upper secondary), I must struggled to get the best result in Malaysia (a beautiful country in South East Asia) to be happy, to claim prize of doing whatever I want. So I strived to death again. (It’s an utter lie for someone who said they didn’t struggle to get good result. I don’t recognize genius). Guess what? I got a considerable really good result. I was a genius in others eyes. Which is a lie. Even then I don’t get what I want. The ultimate happiness to do whatever I want. The teachers always promised,”You can do what ever you want after…….(fill it with the exams name)”. It is a lie and always will be. Next I was doing degree and the cycle continue.(Note: “I” was just a rhetorical character.)


For a lifetime, some people just keep putting their happiness on certain aim. “I will be happy after I become rich”, “I will be happy after I get well from sick”,”I will laugh if I found the greatest joker on earth”,”I will give only after I earn much”, and so forth. The list is endless. But then when the time come, nothing happen. Someone who was sad before he/she become rich still sad after. In other words sadly ever after.

Maybe this is what I call the “Happily ever after syndrome”. Being happy only after the princess found her prince. Happiness that only occur after something. Which is again, a total lie. It is lucky if the princess ever found her prince but if she never was?

In Quantum theory world is just an endless field of possibility. So why would us just be happy only in one way. There are unlimited possibilities for us to be happy. It’s just do we want it or not. So instead of putting our happiness on a target, why don’t we just carry it?


Happiness is like a parrot and we are like a bad shooter. We let go the friendly parrot and try to shoot it. All our life the parrot keep flying and we keep shooting at it. It got scared to our gun. However when we shot the parrot fall, it fall dead. In the other hand, we keep feeding and be friend with the friendly parrot. It never go away. If sometimes it fly away it will return because it never scared of us.

My final words, If we want to happy, just be happy at that very moment. Find something to laugh about, or just think something fun. It’s all in our mind. That’s why Einstein once said “Imagination is better than knowledge”. Happiness is already ours. Just that we often let it go instead of letting go our guns of hatred, animosity, vengeance, and anger. How could someone be happy after the someone manage to kill the someone’s greatest enemy? To kill is still an act of murder for whatever reason it is. The someone will be still not happy forever, in its place the hatred grow fatter and want some more blood.



3 responses to “Being Happy

  • Lily

    enjoy ur holiday !! 😉

  • maika

    first of all happy chinese new year to you.. define happy? hmnmnm.. well.. from my point of view, happiness is something that we have to treasure. It is up to us to feel the happiness feeling. Just a simple examples ok, for me listening to my favorite band, reading my favorite book, eating my favorite food, chilling out in my favorite place, spending time with my loved ones can makes me happy! Trust me if we do things with a great passion, then we will end up happy all the way.. so cheers! 🙂

  • lester michael

    happy means hassle-free, stress-free, and u can doing things without simultaneously having another infuriating thing bugging you mind! yeap…

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