Happy Chinese New Year!!! for Tomorrow for Today…

me.jpgAaaaa….Finally…I got back to my blog. My internet addiction is so chronic. Yesterday I was having a little problem with my laptop. By little, I mean Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) which is mmm… quite normal for a Windows computer (sorry Microsoft). My dear beloved laptop was keep on rebooting again and again when I tried to turn it on. I was heartbroken by my laptop’s weird behavior. So I turned it off and went sleep.

After a bit of bad dream I woke up and try to turn my dear laptop on again hoping. Mmmm guest what…?

Again, a considerable amount of curse and profane words were spat. It just ….I don’t know what to say. So I almost give up on it and wanted to reformat drive C. Voice of angel (my friend) said to me, “Why don’t you try log in using safe mode?” I told him that I have tried but I failed. However, it’s not wrong to try. So I press F8 (to choose boot manner) during boot. Mmmm guest what….?

An insurmountable amount of praise and thanksgiving was out in the air (no more curse and profanity please). The Operating System manage to boot well because it did not load all the weird softwares I installed, just loaded the basic drivers for the computer to run.

Basically amid my curse and profane words, I already guessed what’s wrong with my beloved laptop. This weird behavior only occur after I installed the God Bless useless but beautiful “UberIcon” . So in the holy name of God, I really recommend you to not do what I did. Just to do a little beautification but then sacrifice the whole system. Mmmm… note that, I just recommend, not ask you to.

[I wonder why my post got so much “mmmm”?]

Mmmm… now everything turn to normal. The above story was actually over simplified. It took me 24 hours without internet which was kind of excruciating for an internet addict. The overall story was so complicated. So I wanted to make my self not complicated

In the process…thanks to the angel (my friend), his computer, his internet connection (for easing my addiction), TrueBSD (which give me a ray of hope when I thought I lost my data), Windows XP cd (for trying to help me), Microsoft (for creating such a beautiful piece of boring OS which I wish I know how it works), my beloved laptop (for wasting my time), my cute mouse, my table, my chair ,my…,my…,my…, and so on and so forth.

Most of all thanks to Malaysia who have give me peace that I can experience this all. That I can co-celebrate all the celebration in the nation. Specially tomorrow Chinese New Year which I always celebrate (in heart at least) because I look like Chinese. Thanks to Malaysia that for I was born here that I can ever study and eat and do what ever I want (for example websurfing) in freedom. Thanks that with this peace and(so called) stability I can be friend with all peoples.

In other simpler words, I just wanna wish all that celebrate Chinese New Year a super magnificent fabulous gigantic titanic enthusiastic HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!

[I guess I am complicated]

Above all…Thank God…I think it’s self explanatory.

angel.jpgA bigfoot…no… the helping angel sleeping.


6 responses to “Happy Chinese New Year!!! for Tomorrow for Today…

  • lynnx01

    How old is your laptop?

  • elvinado

    Lynnx ~ near 1 and a half year…

  • alvin

    what a pity new year eve to you… haha.
    anyway, i always feel sucks with microsoft products. if u r using pirated one, then fine, but it also HANG from time to time even you are using original one. what a lousy product. and u know, the thing i HATE MOST is… microsoft keep release patch files from time to time (which claims to make our OS more stable, free from hackers etc). but i really dun like to patch. it’s like you buy a new clothes, then suddenly the tailor tell u, ur clothes need to be patched here n there. do u think u gonna to be very happy and comfortable to wear a clothes after being pathed (not one time ok, every few days/weeks sure got patch one).

  • MissiRina

    Happy Chinese New Year!!


    Sorry for the late wish. Hehe.. I just got back from Perak yesterday.. So only today gotta go online.. Hee.. Anyway, hows the holiday so far?

  • MissiRina

    Ooopps, sorry, forgot to ask, hows your laptop eyh? Ubericon caused all that? My, gotta be careful next time. =) Anyway, happy holiday k.


  • Johnny

    Happy CHinese New YEare~!~

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