Have this been occurred to you?

As a reader…

You come across many wrong spellings in the internet or more precisely in the blogs. It annoys you. Even sometime wrong spellings that lead to different meaning. If the blogger is dear to you, you might tell him or her right away in the comment. But if that blog is some alien blog that you just stumble upon, you might just keep the annoyance to yourself.

Sometimes just a matter of letter “s” can make everything sounds weird. Basic grammar like is and was. I am not talking about advance grammar here, the least that I know are “is” and “was” and “are” and “were”. Something that what should happen in the future misunderstood as happened in the past. Or most of the time we just assume everything happened in the past to make life simpler.

On the other hand, as a writer…

After I clicked publish button on my WordPress, I always read my published post. To my annoyance, I (almost) always found a spelling mistake even in the first sentence. Then again the next sentence then again in the next paragraph. After a considerable amount of curse and profane words, I click edit. Okay, I made all the corrections and clicked Publish.

“Yeah, hope someone will read this,” I said to myself while proofreading for the second time. “Oh, God Damn!” There again, I found another spelling mistake. And when I try to read the sentence out loud they’re just sound absurd. After a curse or two, I clicked edit again. Now try to correct the spelling and the weirdly sound sentences that even I myself cannot understand.

Sometimes I do this for four or five times depends on my diligence that day. Sometime I just gave up the first editorial. The post ended up sound like rubbish that even I won’t understand it. It is important for us to understand what we are writing before we expect others to understand.

What I learned from blogging was to make others understand what I am writing. That is my top priority. I am blogging for fun and in the same time learning English. Few rules of thumb that I always follow when I write:

  1. Write short paragraph – easy for me to edit especially when I need to see the code, most importantly easy for readers to read.
  2. I use words that I understand not words that sound great – I am so afraid of wrong meaning. I might sound mean.
  3. I always have dictionary on my side – Mr. Dict is my best friend, an English teacher of mine once told me.
  4. When I am desperate to explain something, I will use Bahasa Malaysia explanation in the bracket.
  5. Always proofread for at least 2 times – I think I already explain the annoyance of proofreading.
  6. Always read the post out loud – Some sentences sound only good exclusive to the writer but when read out loud they sound ridiculous. Loud means whisper you don’t need to shout.
  7. Last but most important, never give up – self explanatory.

I think that’s all I can write for now. Please always feel free to correct my English and my spelling. I am learning and always is. I won’t be mad if you want to criticize my grammar or misuse of words or whatsoever. It is my pleasure.

GTG got to proofread now…


14 responses to “Misspelling

  • CypherHackz

    Hahaha… I always check my grammar after I published my posts. But sometimes, even though I have read the post but still do not know which grammar is wrong and which is not.

    Btw, why your comment form placed at the bottom of everything else?

  • elvinado

    CH ~ because the theme is just like that.

  • Patt Irmina

    haha. alvin, same here! i do that too. I type, publish, re-read. then gahh, a spelling/grammatical error! then i edit, publish. again, another error! edot, publish..ngehehehe~

  • lester michael

    yeap it’s true and that’s why Stephen King says” Grammar is for the school and the world!”…..

  • nono

    Opocot! I did the same thing, most of the time of course. =D

    Well actually, I do realize that my English is not good. But I believe that, blogging is one of the best initiative to improve it la.. And seriously, I dont mind if someone wants to correct me. =)

  • lynnx01

    Yes. We should all try to write in perfect English. In a way, it is training our writing skills as well. I also try to avoid grammatical mistakes, but I tend to make them every now and then. If I notice, I would quickly change them.. hoping no one read it.

  • NoktahHitam

    Grammar is the mother of all pain. I rather get whip then looking for grammar mistakes. Silly? Yeah, I thought so too.

  • Johnny

    yes. You’re right.
    I need someone to correct for me too.

  • elvinado

    Thanks everyone. I just don’t know what to say back. My computer was just recovered from severe illness. Lucky I healed it fast. Thanks again guys for commenting.

  • tentera

    aku tulis bm boleh? kang aku tulis english ade plak ejaan yg salah 😛
    haha..lagi satu..nak komen kat blog nie kena ke bawah..baru jumpa..

  • elvinado

    Tentera ~ huhu…takpe saya faham BM lagi…

  • amoidewa

    i dun care much bout the grammar…as long as its understandable…dats gud enuf..ahahah…..n pardon for my wacky spellings too..huhuuuh!!!neway…Cheers !

  • NoktahHitam

    amoidewa, grammar exist so that people can understand you. If you dont take grammar seriously, its very hard for people to accept you in the E-World (unless they are your friends).

  • ixora

    Can I leave a comment here? But it’s not about the entry..

    Saya ingatkan memang saya sorang je yg lihat kotak komen di bawah tapi memang tema blog ni macam ni rupanya. Manalah tahu sebab saya guna IE, jadi ianya nampak macam tu. Itu yang saya tak jadi nak tukar tema blog semalam. hehe.

    Erm,komen saya pasal entri ni, saya pun suka baca berulang kali apa yang saya dah taip. Walaupun tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu sekalipun, kadang-kadang saya selalu tersalah taip. Apatah lagi kalau tulis dalam bahasa Inggeris. Macam yg CH cakap, kadang-kadang saya sendiri pun tak pasti grammar saya tu betul ke tak walau dah semak berulang kali. Lebih-lebih lagi saya kurang mahir berbahasa Inggeris. hmm..

    Opss,maaflah komen saya panjang sangat! Btw, Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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