22 November 2013

[This post might be discussing about future event! in other word this is just fictional]

“It has been 10 years eh…” shook his hand.”So much has change,” he continued with his face looking around in the crowds. She just replied with a mild smile on her face. Silent struck her. Never Imagine that it’s really happening. He showed her her place.

“Look at them, some have already married and some have already have children I guess, at least some are pregnant.” he said with a deep breath. “I am still still here the same as I were 10 years ago” his eyes staring far into hall.

“Don’t say like that” She finally opened her mouth. “You will certainly found someone, just that destiny has its own route for us” She started to be familiar again him after years apart. “Look at you, you are now a successful person. Maybe the most successful among us all.”

He just replied with a smile with a bit of approval of what she said in his heart. Walked to the door he welcomed all comers into the hall. With soft gesture showing them where they should sit. In his eyes glimmered the reminiscence of The Annual Dinner around 10 years ago. Although he was not known back then.

It was an elaborate event. It was not an impossible thing at all because funding from the ex-students were overflowing. Nothing less to be expected from them though. What’s the purpose of studying far across the sea if they can’t support this little rare event?

The people entering the hall is increasing. The invitation list was almost completed. He returned to her at the corner of the hall. She was talking with others and sometime with laughters.

“Sorry just now. Mmm it is going really well up to now. Looks like all are coming. Really such a hard work you know” pulling her attention back to him.”So back to you, how’s life?” He changed the topic.

“Well, you know, I am living and eating well. Happy with my life. My business is also doing quite well. It is already 3 years old. Though last year we having a bit difficulty, but we manage to sort it out.” She was already a different person. With self esteem and charisma. Who would guess someone who was so self hating be like this, so successful.”You? Where do you lost this 4 years. Never heard of you.” She deflected the question to him.

“Mmmm, everybody has their own dark time in life. I don’t really want to remember it. As long as right now I am happy with my life. I…”

“It’s okay, I won’t force you” she interrupted him. Then they fell into a sudden silent for a few minutes.

The sound of gentle and slow music in the background was disappearing. On the stage, two familiar face standing holding microphones. They started with welcoming speech and some really old jokes. The floor was getting loose. Everybody was laughing and talking among themselves. The old childlike behavior still running inside some of the them. Some of them already undergone magnificent transformation. And some just sit shy in silent. It however a splendid view, rare and vibrant.

His name was called to the stage to give the first speech. He thanked everybody who worked really hard for this. Thanked all that come. And he gave a bit of his own words. Then he invited the the ex-president to give the next speech.

“Nice speech you have there.” she said with a giggle.

“What’s funny? Did I do something wrong up there?” his expression was unsure.

“No, I really mean it. It was a good speech. It’s not a question for someone like you to organize this.” she said earnestly.

Then after the teacher gave the final speech and the after the prayer, they began their dinner. It was rather call a feast than just a meal. Foods were extravagant. Everybody eats happily.

He was sitting with his friends who were once his click. Chatting and laughing like the old days. Once in a while he always peek on her at the other table. Just feel envious that she has a really loving partner of life. Chuckle to himself saying “Love someone let her go”.

[My imagination might be too much. For you information I have create a new blog exclusively for the ex-MRSM of our batch. The blog is call 22NOVEMBER2013.


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