My Alternative Internet Messenger – Pidgin

msg_pc8_sly_pic_1.jpgYou might be familiar with Yahoo! Messenger or Windows Messenger or Meebo. However have you ever heard of Pidgin. I was having a painful experience past few days with Internet Messengers. I can’t log properly using Yahoo! Messenger. Due to nature of my internet connection that is really unstable and slow, my Yahoo! Messenger always crash and disconnected almost every minute. Thus it is impossible to even send a buzz. To make things worse I am connected to the internet behind proxy.

After a considerable amount of curse and profane words, I settled down and gave up. Then suddenly reminded of an internet messenger that I found in Fedora Linux sometimes ago. It was Gaim which have been christened as Pidgin. I never use it though because I don’t know the configuration. I also knew that Pidgin has a Windows version. So I guess its not a sin to try.

So I downloaded it. It was not a big file just around 12Mb. I installed it on my computer. Pidgin need to install GTK+ besides Pidgin itself because GTK+ is the dependency and Pidgin is originated from Gnome Desktop Environment. Installation was flawless.

After a bit of configuration for proxy, then I tried to log in using my Yahoo! and My Hotmail account. It worked like magic. Just beautiful. No more crash up to the moment. Totally thumbs up.

I totally recommend this Internet Messenger for those who have been in endless miserable problems with Yahoo! Messenger and other Messenger. Pidgin is extremely stable. It is open source totally free and Cute…


For your information Pidgin capable of connection to AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, XMPP, ICQ, IRC, SILC, SIP/SIMPLE, Novell GroupWise, Lotus Sametime, Bonjour, Zephyr, MySpaceIM, Gadu-Gadu, and QQ all at once. This is absolutely “wicked”…

I wish I could install Linux on my machine but my Laptop is exclusively build for Windows…Huhu…Go open source…Go to hell Proprietary…Go Pidgin…


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