Where are you?

Where are you….? Come out…come out where ever you are….It has been a while since we see you. For why have you abandoned us…? For what? We’ve missing you so much. You were always with us playing around once before you suddenly disappear. What have we done wrong for you to leave us without any last memory?The first time we gathered without you, no one dare to speak a word about you. No one ever mention your name. It was a totally awkward time because for years you were always there and suddenly you’re not. You were a kind of person that never reject an invitation. It was impossible for us to forget you. But in silence we all knew nobody able to locate you. You were totally lost from the map.

A lie if our classmates told that they forget you. You were our class’ head. To forget your name but to remember you face, to forget your face but to remember you name. It was virtually impossible to not remember you. You were someone peoples look in awe and respect. A happy person with a kind heart.

After quite a moments later, we finally grasp that you were unlocatable . It was not easy to accept the fact that we cannot find you anymore. Finally we start sharing the rumors behind your disappearance. Even some effort to contact you or at least to locate you. Just to find that you still on earth is comforting. But the rumors ends the moment you disappear. Every stories end to a point. Every news end to that point. Nobody knew what happen after that very moment of time. As for me it is still mystery until now.

I feel kind of regret when din’t do anything when you ask me for help last time. I just take it for granted. I never knew that if I ever help you that time now I will at least know where you are. I also feel regret for being selfish. I should realize your sudden change in attitude. If I could just listen to your problem. Maybe at least I know where you are now.

To think of it…everybody have their choice… the smallest to the biggest of decision…God has grant us choice. You in this case has made a tremendously big and drastic decision that stunned everyone. Something that no one have ever imagine someone sweet and gentle like you would do. Maybe by time we have accepted the lost, maybe its just your problem and not ours, or maybe we just cease to care anymore.

It would be a great miracle if you found this post out in the ocean of internet. A miracle that’s so great no one will believe. But miracle will be nothing if its left untold. The greater miracle will be if you dare to contact me…the writer of this post. My final words will be …for me right and wrong are just a perspective. Nothing is for me right and nothing is wrong. The beginning of sense of right and wrong only when faith and common interest came in. Something that will change our perspective forever. I would not say what you did was wrong because its a liberty that given by God for you to choose. I am here just praying each day that we will be one day meet again…even when that time nothing is the same again…indeed nothing will be ever be the same again. Will be missing you forever as my First Love and Best Friend.

9 responses to “Where are you?

  • cibol

    wah .. so best got gathering .. why dun invite me leh?

  • Patt Irmina

    Alvin, you almost made me cry reading this post. *Almost as in, with hints of tears coming out but I swept it away.*

    I know about who and what you were witting about in this post. Yes, we’ve tried so many efforts to locate her, but all comes to no avail. The rumors, either true or not, that we’ve heard about her are all we know of. It’s her decision, I know. But as friends, there’s no point of hiding from us. We still accept her for whoever she is. She’s still a FRIEND in my heart. Sometimes, when ayu or amy or liz and I or with any of the rest 3G went for a little outing, we sometimes stop to wonder of her whereabouts. Funny because she was always there, but now she’s nowhere to be found. It hurts to think that she’s not there. I hope she’s ok and happy living with the ones she love.

    Btw, this picture was taken when we’re 15 right? hehe. Those days~

  • VeeVee Roxanna

    I miss her too.Missing her soooo much.. Salu jak mimpi salnya aher2 tok..

  • fila

    miss those days..waa..aku sik igt siney tuju gambar dlok..lamak sik blt miri dah…so reminiscing

  • nono

    She’s still studying at uitm kch ka? or dah grad?

  • elvinado

    cibol ~ it was long time ago…long time ago in the far far away…now we r happily ever after…
    Patt ~ I was also almost crying writing this(but not)…I don’t remember when was this picture taken.
    Vien ~ Last time I often dreamed(as in while sleeping) that I went on a date with her…haha so stupid…
    Fila ~ ya la lamak sik jumpa ko…bila la agaknya kita akan buat grand reunion.
    Nono ~ she is lost…disappear…undetectable…no one can locate her…it is indeed so sad…I don’t know did she do her study or not. If she did, then thank God. If not only God knows why…

    For everybody who know who I mean in this post, please try a bit or at least pray that we will find her at last one day (of course we will)…

  • Patt Irmina

    eh, alvin. im coming to utm in april for RICH competition organized by chem-eng faculty in UTM. so, i’ll c u?..hehe.

  • Mayuki

    hehe i looked fat!

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