Left Shut Forever

5 winters have come to past. It would have been snowing if its in the north. Luckily we’re living in the never winter night. Where everyday is a spring of hope, nights are safe and warm.

Indeed time is just a relative term. 5 years might seem eons, a blink of an eye for some. Just enough time to forget, to forgive, and to fight back what we have lost. I have lost nothing neither do I gain something.

The best of friends you might have found, the best of fun you might have done, the rest, you might have gained. Every seconds past outshine the previous. Things just get better and better. Life just keep moving on. Until one point of moment… we forget what happen 5 years ago.

There’re things that are better left shut forever. Things like the pain of being apart, being put apart, and being forced to leave the heart behind. As life is not just about love. As we live so we shall die, as we laugh as we shall cry, as to remember we shall forget, as to be together we shall be taken apart. But to love is always to love with all out heart.

Tear may not always be sad, smile may not always be joy. Memories of the final days might be as joyful, as well as hurting. Every photo have the story to tell but sometime, even the most cheerful picture shall be left forgotten. (Above front Andrew, Lyndon, Me, Angel. Back Lesle, Amelia, Rebecca, Danny, Jocelyn, Brenda, Joriena, Josephson, Lodi, Roddy.)

Don’t ask “why I’m being tested?”. Don’t ask “why its just me?”. Don’t ask “what is my sin?”. Because it’s our nature to know what we are good at, to be tested and to be questioned. When they are many who have done it before us and with us. Either we see them or not. Because being tested is not because of sin but to fall is. Repentance is always at hand. (Above the photos during Chemistry Paper SPM 2003 MRSM Kuching, last day SPM)

If greatest love is called a brotherly love, I shall call it a friendly love. There are friends that sticketh closer than brothers. When a house is full of love, not a single dust of hatred can set in it. Love that is so pure that only love can explains itself. (Above Joriena, Angela, Lesle, Me)

Even in the simplest thing we’ve done, the most trivial thing, when it’s done together, all our heart into it, it is always fun and intriguing. (Above we were barbecuing)

Journey may as tiring as it sound. Life journey in the other hand is just a journal and array of photos. To keep it is to treasure it. To waste it is to forget the precious moments. Sometimes in the past, they were lovers and they were friends. Changes through time made friends become lovers and lovers become friends. (Above Angela, Clare, Lesle, Ryan, Joriena, Lodi, Brenda, Danny, Georgiana.)

One might not just live by bread alone. One needs love and friendship. One might be two or three or four or more. (Above we were preparing the duck for dinner)

I have shortage or words to describe anymore. Shall the picture tell its own stories. (Above it was in the van to… I forgot)

Some says waiting is wailing. But an hour of waiting can be split by numbers of friends we are waiting with. (Above a waiting, I forgot for what)

Until we lost something, we reject to appreciate it. Until we lost our fellowship, we never knew that it was the best that we ever have in our time. (Above the very last moment to say goodbye)

When we are forced to leave, there are no tears can accompany. Just a little pain on the chest. Knowing that from that moment on, we will not see each others again. The old book will be shut forever and the new one is just started. So there and back again…the cycle continue. By time we will get used to it. And learn to savor every sweetness or bitterness that teaches us to be…a better person.

A song dedicated to dear readers. Photograph by Nickleback.

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Final words, please help me to tell those who related in the pictures about this post. I love to show them these pictures.


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