Is it just me or…?

Courtesy of aisyahrozi.comI have been wandering aimlessly around the blog lately. I found out some blogs have this avatar feature with their blog comments. They are like the avatar just that they are not user. So I wonder why…(Example on the right…courtesy of

I found there is such thing as Global Avatar called Gravatar. I heard this long-long time ago though but I never know what’s the purpose. Basically as I understand Gravatar is a personal Avatar attached to one’s email. So whenever someone commented using the particular email, his or her Gravatar will show up next to the name or comment.

But…that’s not the case all the time. Only blog will Gravatar capability enabled will show up the “Gravatar “ed comments. If you happen to have wordpress blog (not you might want a Gravatar Plugin (I’m not associated at all with this plugin in anyway).

So moral of the story… try assign every email you use to comment on others blog by Gravatar. At least my blog comments will looks cuter…

Is it just me that don’t know this? Or you all have long implemented Gravatar?


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