Helping the Researcher – CiteULike

I don’t know Technorati or Digg or or other social bookmarking service out there but at least I know CiteULike. This online service (as I understand) aimed at researchers to assist them organize their academic papers. Researchers in this case are not limited to Research students or Professors only but also undergraduate students that doing their final year project (sounds like you?).

I have been using this service for quite a while and it helps me so much. If you either researchers or any related work field or just want to play around, you really should try this. This service really helps especially when many others in your interest field also using this service. Because its just like social bookmarking service and emphasize on social collaboration and sharing. However in my case I am almost “lone ranger” because I can’t find any other sharing the same interest with me.

How its work (as I understand)? If you familiar with journal site like SpringerLink, ScienceDirect, Wiley, or ACS (American Chemical Society), you probably almost always download the journal or papers and print it. Then you lost the internet link because you don’t store it or bookmark it. Here CiteULike come in play. It bookmark the internet link either using DOI (Digital Object Identifier) or other means into your CiteULike library. You never lost the link anymore as long as you bookmark it. Even though you lost your hard copy you still can get easily from your library.

Now I will show little bit of its features that I like most. On the left : I think this is one of my favorite feature…CiteULike allows me to upload and store pdf file of the paper in my library. So the advantage is I can still view my academic papers where ever internet available not only within my University line. You should probably know that academic papers are subscribe by University and in some cases extremely costly . As a student I can’t afford to personally subscribe it.

Posting the articles or papers are easy. Choose any possible ways (as shown right). Posting means to add the articles into our library which in case you forget is the list of our bookmarked papers. Most of the time I will use the installed browser button (as shown bellow) to post any article. Almost all journal sites supported by CiteULike. Although some like PubMed, I still can’t figure out how to do it.

Here the “Post to CiteULike” Button on my Firefox Browser.

We can prioritize our article in our library. The most priority will bear 5 stars and so forth. Maybe if you already read the paper, you should mark it read as not to mix with others. Its just works you know. As trivial as its sound but really helpful. This is especially when everyday you found awful lots of new papers and cumulatively hundreds of papers to be read. In my case it just 52 though and I read about 10 or less.



Further more, like and other social bookmarking service, the presence of tagging system is a must. Tags act like category but actually they act like tag itself because they allow everybody in the service to share the tag and search for common interest via the tag (It sounds confusing). There are several terminology that related to tagging such as folksonomy.


Last but never the least, our personal profile. Maybe we can make friends using this service like Friendster, Facebook, MyBlogLog, or Flickr. Maybe type of friendship would be purely academic though. CiteULike allows Groups and Blog. Now even researcher do the blog…

What in my mind when I wrote this? I want to help my friends that are currently doing their Undergraduate Final Year Project to manage their academic papers or usually known as journals. I know other service alike such as Connotea and Bibsonomy but I like CiteULike due to its simplicity.

Hope this is useful. Please comment if you have anything in mind or other better service. FYI journals are fun to read and not just academician have the right to read them.

Click Here to view my CiteULike Library


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